Dholera SIR: The Future of India

Dholera SIR is the highly appreciated project even by the critics and it would be the grand milestone in Indian Infrastructures and development. This city is mass with the top world class facilities like Central Spine Roadways, International Airport, Sea Port Connectivity and Much more. Are you aware of DMIC Project? DMIC is the key driver of the Indian Economy in next decade, It emphasis on make in India concept of the Prime Minister, the Manufacturing of green products viz, defence, aeronautical and aviation are keen to install their facilities at Dholera Project, the first green field smart city of the country. Thus, the significance of the region has increased many folds.

Dholera SIR
Dholera SIR

While looking on the timeline history and of Dholera SIR, it is officially declared in the year 2009. The earlier of 2010, the Dholera SIR Development Authority was formed and the development plan was published in 2011. GIDB was approved the 360. Sq. Km Development plans on 2012 and in 2013, the Development Plan Gazette published. And finally in the year 2014, Rs 7060 Crore allocated for 100 Smart City Development, International Airport Land approval, Sagar-Mala Port connectivity project announced etc. And right now in 2015, Rs 2400 Crore tender floated for Highly Activated Zone, Dholera Green Field International Airport works started, Town planning office stated at Dholera SIR for TP1, TP2 and TP4 schemes faster development. Development on Basic Infrastructure inside SIR shall start within June 2015.

So it is good to have your Home at the awesome and luxurious Dholera SIR City. The Vishwapruam Dholera and Indraprastha Dholera the most attractive homes at best locations in Dholera SIR Project.

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