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Land is the best investment

Of all the investments one makes, land is said to be the best one. An asset which appreciates with time and brings you greater returns is surely worthy of investment. GAP Associates Pvt Ltd strives to deliver value for money. Keeping this in mind, we are bringing to you opportunities at Dholera SIR. These are projects that bring world-class infrastructure to India. Nestled in the Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor, this is an investment opportunity of a lifetime.

Dholera is an attractive opportunity because it is affordable, eco-friendly, easily accessible and a destination with world-class facilities. It is a smart city that is going to be the place to be in the near future. Dholera is twice the size of Delhi and comprises of an international airport, shipyard, roads and metro rails.

Dholera SIR is a milestone in India’s smart city culture. More than just a project, it is Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of futuristic India coming to life. Replete with world-class facilities and great connectivity Dholera offers a relaxed life in the lap of luxury.

Not just residential complexes but Dholera is also a hot destination for business houses that have an eye on the future. It is not just twice as big as Delhi but has been blessed with world-class infrastructure facilities. Business houses surely would not want to miss an opportunity to invest in a destination that will reap them rich returns in the future.

The prices in Dholera would only move upwards in the future and hence it makes sense to invest in this destination. With amenities that are futuristic and best in the world, businesses are bound to benefit in terms of production, quality and output. Shipyard, international airport, roads and metro rails being located here are only advantageous to industrial houses that would set up their factories here. Dholera is more than just a destination- it is the future!!! This where one should park one’s hard earned money.

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