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What makes Dholera SIR attractive?

Every destination has its own charm. A destination is more than just a place for investment or residence or even industrial area. An ideal investment destination is one that combines the best of all worlds. Smart city is a new and emerging concept in India. It is a pet project of the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. GAP Associates Pvt Ltd has the privilege and distinction of being associated with the country’s first smart city Dholera. This city is twice the size of India’s capital Delhi and houses infrastructure that would give the best cities across the globe a run for their money.

Dholera is an attractive investment destination not just for business houses but for individuals as well. While corporates can benefit from facilities such as international airport, shipyard and roads and rail network, individuals would be able to buy their dream homes with all luxury amenities. More importantly, all environmental standards have been met and hence investors can rest assured that Dholera is eco-friendly. Environmental concerns are real in today’s day and age with carbon emissions and global warming being hot topics of discussions.

The surrounding or environs impacts one’s thought process. Therefore, it is important to have tranquil surroundings. Dholera promises luxury, tranquillity and connectivity at absolutely reasonable prices. There is no doubt that Dholera is a complete package. The facilities found here are unmatched by any other city or destination throughout India. From connectivity to jobs to basic amenities as well as luxuries, Dholera SIR has all bases covered. This city can match the best across the world in terms of infrastructure. Luxury is now spelt as Dholera SIR.

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