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Eden Spa in Denver is a fantastic example. You can book a massage at this facility! This is a fantastic method to have a soothing massage. On this afternoon excursion, you will be able to experience 4 to 5 of the greatest restaurants and pubs in the area. Your romance tour will begin when you meet up with your culinary guide. Discover award-winning restaurants that provide farm-to-table fresh meats. Authentic international cuisines are available to sample.

Farm fresh cheese, hot dogs, and a variety of sweet delicacies are other menu highlights. You may watch a number of plays at the Denver Center for the Performing Arts, ranging from Broadway musicals to comedy acts, that make for a terrific romantic evening. This is a great location where you and your significant other can attend a concert. Therefore, if you enjoy music, this is ideal. This facility has hosted several notable performers, making it a fantastic location for concerts.

When you are in the city, an artist you know might be performing. Both choices are excellent! This social gathering includes a bar crawl in the historic Lower Downtown region. Visit four local breweries to try more than ten different Colorado artisan beers. This is an art museum with a large and diverse collection. This covers objects from all corners of the globe and all eras. This is a fantastic gallery where you can see a wide range of contemporary art.

The museum does not have a permanent collection, but it does have several rotating exhibits. One of the most romantic things in Denver is visiting a revolving exhibition. This is especially true if you enjoy seeing new modern art! You can discover new stuff, which is fantastic! This enjoyable trip begins at Union Station, where you will meet your driver.

It is ideal for casual dates. Take a seat in your comfortable minivan or coach and prepare for an educational and enjoyable bus tour. Check out the magnificent Victorian homes on Capitol Hill as well. Finally, have a bite to eat in the Cherry Creek Shopping Center. Another great idea in Denver is to go on a picture shoot with a view of the mountains. You will visit the Rocky Mountains with a local guide during this excursion.

You have a photoshoot here where you can acquire great images. These images are fantastic souvenirs of your time in Denver! This city has everything you could want for a romantic evening.

You can make your visit to this romantic city even more memorable by staying in romantic hotels, dining in romantic restaurants, or experiencing the popular date spots around. Vendor List Privacy Policy. Last Update: August 26, Romantic Things To Do. Table of Contents. Mountains of Colorado — Credits: Pixabay.

Winter Park — Credits: Pexels. Capitol Hill — Credits: Pixabay. Sunset from Red Rocks -Credits: Unsplash. Natural Playgrounds of Colorado — Credits: Pixabay. Denver Botanical Gardens — Credits: Unsplash. Rock Climbing in Denver — Credits: Unsplash. Whitewater Rafting Adventure — Credits: Pexels.

Paddle Boat Ride — Credits: iStock. Wine Tasting in Denver — Credits: Pixabay. Romantic Dinner Date — Credits: Pinterest. A chilled-out spa day at Denver City — Credits: Pinterest. D-Bar Desserts — Credits: iStock. Couple Having a drink — Credits: Pinterest.

Couples at theater — Credits: Pixabay. Downtown Denver’s crown jewel, the historic Brown Palace Hotel , is also home to one of the city’s most luxurious spas, the Spa at the Brown Palace. Tucked away from the hustle of the Brown’s opulent lobby, the spa welcomes visitors with a soothing waterfall that sets the stage for the spa’s signature soaks. These invigorating bathing treatments enlist the hotel’s exclusive artesian well, located feet below the lobby.

Every year, audiences flock to a series of live, outdoor concerts at Denver Botanic Gardens. Nocturne marries the culinary, cocktail and musical arts to create one of The Mile High City’s most romantic experiences.

Nocturne features live jazz every night, as well as carefully curated wine, beer and cocktail offerings and a one-of-a-kind seasonal culinary program anchored by a jazz-inspired, five-course tasting menu. Named for the wine of the Northwestern Italian province of Piedmont, Barolo Grill is a convivial restaurant, strewn with grapes from the vine, wine bottles and farmhouse touches, all of which give it an air of rustic sophistication.

Executive chef Darrel Truett, whose cooking complements the expansive wine roster, turns out shareable dishes like the fritto misto — fried prawns and calamari pooled in grilled lemon crema.

Tucked into a secret back alley, Bistro Vendome ‘s sunflower-yellow interior, with its warm golden glow of flickering candlelight, whimsical chalkboard menu, scarred hardwood floors and welcoming vibe, is an idyllic date spot.

The scarlet-canopied, foliage-flush jardin is just as ambient, especially during spring and summer when the flowers are in full bloom. But no matter where you park yourself, the decadent menu — duck confit, escargot, steak tartare, mussels and frites — is a jubilee. From the sky-scraping 27th floor of the towering Hyatt Regency Denver , you can pop the cork or the question while beholding heart-palpitating panoramas from Peaks Lounge , a gorgeous floor-to-ceiling-windowed bar showcasing memorable vistas of the Rocky Mountains and brightly lit city skyline.

Furnished with plush, oversized sofas and chairs and illuminated by the flame of a blazing fireplace, it’s a place that invites lingering, even if the altitude-high drink prices might cost you more than an engagement ring. But, oh, those views! Looking for a unique date night idea? Try a scavenger hunt with Let’s Roam. It’s perfect for first dates as well as couples who’ve been together for years.

It’s a great way to experience the city where you can pause the hunt to have a bite or a drink. It’s easy to get lucky in love at Hotel Monaco , renowned for its elegantly appointed rooms and suites bedecked with down pillows and comforters, bold color schemes think racy reds , deluxe bath amenities.

Indulge in the hotel’s afternoon wine hour, complete with complimentary chair massages, then slide into a booth for two at Panzano , the excellent, on-site Northern Italian restaurant.

The sexy showroom dazzles with its clusters of chenille-draped tables illuminated by whimsical antique chandeliers dangling cowboy boots and clocks. Everyone from piano bar crooners and vocal impressionists to vaudeville comedians and jazzy national acts grace the glittering stage. This inviting downtown cooking school is beautiful and well-outfitted, making it the perfect locale for an outside-of-the-box date night. Together, you can visit different regions of the world from France and Italy to the American Southwest, learn how to bake gourmet cookies, cook a holiday feast, or take a tasting tour of craft beer, wine and spirits.

The Brown Palace is a historic hotel that spares nothing when it comes to grandeur. Denver’s art world is booming, and thanks to the city’s walkability, visitors can experience some of the best artsy attractions on foot in a…. With days of sunshine and a skyline framed by the spectacular Rocky Mountains, it’s no wonder that Denver has attracted a wide array of…. Denver is a vibrant, active city with days of sunshine, brilliant blue skies and breathtaking Rocky Mountain scenery. Drive away into the sunset — well, on the race track — on a thrilling go-karting date.

Unser Karting is a great venue that offers a variety of go-karting activities for couples. Zoom around the course as you laugh and compete with each other. Tap into your playful, competitive side, and see who comes out at the top. Get a dose of childhood nostalgia as you take your date to the arcade. The 1Up Arcade Bar is a great location that boasts of charming games and some great grub. Get a few catchy photos for that ThrowbackThursday glam and play fun games with your significant other.

Collect as many tickets as you can and win prizes for each other. You know what they say — couples that game together, stay together, right? Climb your way into eternal love as you take your date on an indoor rock-climbing quest. Head out to Movement and sign up for an indoor rock-climbing session together.

Here, you can scale mighty walls and race each other to the top. Movement has sessions for both amateurs and pros so nobody has to feel left out. Burn some calories and test out your competitive spirit as you see who can reach the top first. Your next meal is on the loser. Putting both of them together, of course!

As you sample fine wines and cheeses, let the paint guide you through the canvas. You get to take home your labor of love home and hang it in your living room. Such Denver evening activities are sure to go on your Dating Wall of Fame! Who says romance has to always be about dinner and a movie? Get your adrenaline pumping with your date as you go on an axe throwing adventure together!

Besides, trained experts teach you how to throw your axe flawlessly so you can practice your style. Get to know your date in a whole new way with this activity. This activity with fuel a great date to remember! Which of these Denver couples activities did you like the most? Are you planning on surprising your partner with one of these ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Things couples can do in denver


Looking for romantic things to do in Denver? There’s much to do in the city if you want to find date ideas in Denver! Denver is a very romantic place to visit in the state of Colorado. If you’re looking for a lovely city in the United States for a date, it’s perfect! If you want to have a lovely evening, you can see a movie at Landmark’s Mayan Theatre.

Or you can have a drink at a rooftop bar and enjoy a view of the city. There are also romantic things to do in Denver that are very unique. For example, you can see a show at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This is a very special experience as this place looks gorgeous. If you’re looking for fun date ideas in Denver, there are great options as well.

For example, you can visit Elitch Gardens. Or you can bike the Cherry Creek Trail! Another lovely date is having breakfast at the Denver Biscuit Company. You can see here both new movies, as well as independent and foreign ones. This variety makes the place great, and there is likely a movie that you both want to watch. Grab some popcorn, lean back, and enjoy a great story together with your partner. It is one of the best date ideas in Denver for sure! The Red Rocks Amphitheatre may be one of the most unique theatre venues in the world.

Because of that, going here is also one of the most romantic things to do in Denver for sure. The Red Rocks Amphitheatre is an amphitheater in a rock structure. It looks wonderful. These rocks and the landscape next to them are very iconic for Denver, which makes it an even more special place! Going to see a concert here with your partner is great! It is one of the best date ideas in Denver if you want to go to a concert in a unique setting.

If you want to have a lot of fun together, going to Water World is one of the best date ideas in Denver. Water World is a water park that you can find about 10 miles or 16 kilometers to the north of downtown.

If this is something that both you and your partner like, this is a great place to visit together! Also, it is a great way to cool down if it is hot outside.

This makes it an even better place to visit together. For that reason, it’s also one of the most romantic things to do in Denver in the summer. One of the best coffee shops is Little Owl Coffee. They have delicious coffee that also looks very beautiful! You find here a variety of places with beautiful nature. There is a conservatory with tropical plants, such as palms. Going to these concerts is also one of the most romantic things to do in Denver!

Together you can listen to music with your partner while looking at the beautiful nature. Learning to dance with your partner is another one of the most romantic things to do in Denver for sure.

Dance lessons are great if you want to learn a new dance. Also, it is great to become even better at a dance you already know. What’s great is that you take the skills that you learn here with your back home. At other places, you are then able to dance with your partner, which is great!

A good place for dance lessons in Denver is Colorado Dance Studios. A great one is Eden Spa in Denver. This is a great way to have a relaxing massage while your lay next to each other. It’s a lovely experience. One of the most romantic things to do in Denver is going to the Denver Art Museum. This is an art museum that holds a very diverse collection of items. This includes items from all over the world and all periods in time.

Also, you find here a collection of beautiful modern and contemporary works. For example, there are works by Picasso, Matisse, and Keeffe. Another great collection of the museum is their photography collection.

You find here modernist photography that is lovely to see. Going to the museum together with your partner is very romantic. That’s because discovering new things is always very romantic, and there is a lot of that here! Together, you can see the beautiful art. Also, you can find out what type of art you find most interesting or beautiful. There may be a favorite that you both share! Exploring this together is great to do! This is a lovely place where you can go to a concert together with your partner.

So if you like music, this is perfect. There may be an artist that you know who is performing when you are in the city. Or you can try out going to a concert of an artist you both don’t know and discover new music! Both options are great! Also, it is great because you take the results of the cooking class with you after the class.

That’s because you can apply the things you learned in the class when you are cooking together at home. Or one of you can use the skills to cook the other one a meal when you are back home. This makes doing the cooking classes an even better one of the date ideas in Denver.

One of the best cooking classes is the one of Cook Street. These attractions are fun to ride and to experience with your partner. You’ll have a great and fun time here for sure together. If you both like amusement parks, going here is one of the most romantic things to do in Denver for sure!

Going to ViewHouse Ballpark is another one of the most romantic things to do in Denver. What makes this place special is the rooftop of the place.

Even though this isn’t a very tall building, the view is lovely from here. If you want to have a romantic dinner together, you can do that at Mizuna Denver. Also, the food is very special. It is a great place for fine dining, and every dish looks amazing as well! What’s great is that the menu changes every month.

Because of this, it can be a surprise what you can get here for food, which is fun to experience together. Another reason why going here is romantic is the atmosphere of the place. The feeling you get here is very intimate, which makes for a perfect setting for a date night with your partner!

Another one of the most romantic things to do in Denver is going for a romantic walk at Commons Park. At the 88 Drive-In Theatre , you can watch a drive-in movie together with your partner. You park your car in front of a large outdoor screen.

And then, you watch a movie together in your own car. This gives your movie-watching experience a lot of privacy, which is great for a date night in Denver! The Denver Central Market is perfect if you want to have lunch together. Also, it is perfect if you want to have dinner together but both want something else to eat. Here, you can both decide what you want to have at different vendors. You can then have the food together at a table. What’s great as well is that the atmosphere of the place is great for a date as well.

It is very artsy and casual at the same time! This makes it one of the most romantic date ideas in Denver. In the city, you find many places where you can rent a bike.

You can then ride a bike here. This is a very comfortable way to explore the trail. What would make this one of the most romantic things to do in Denver even more romantic is if you rent a tandem bike.

This is one bike that fits two people. There are many stores at this shopping mall, which makes it great if you want to shop for a long amount of time.


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