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Where to see alligators in charleston
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But alligators, it seems, have a following of fans to rival Hollywood stars. Next to dolphins, these menacing predators are the most popular wildlife attraction on the South Carolina coast.

Everyone wants to see them—preferably from a safe distance. While often found lazily sunning themselves along ponds and lakes in the Lowcountry and Coastal Plain, alligators in the wild are best observed from afar.

Edisto Island Serpentarium Home to hundreds of slithering, scaly reptiles, this unique attraction features lots of gators on display in outdoor observatories designed to resemble their natural habitats. Or rent a canoe and venture deep into the cypress swamp on a 3-mile paddle trail. South Carolina Aquarium More than 5, animals make their home in the Charleston aquarium, among them, the American alligator. Take a one-hour walk with a guide to learn fascinating facts about these cold-blooded creatures.

You also can see them in their natural environment, feeding, sunning or cruising through the water in Mullet Pond. Bring your binoculars to get a closer look. Alligator Adventure This one is for the die-hard gator enthusiast. The North Myrtle Beach attraction offers visitors the opportunity to see countless alligators, including juveniles and an albino gator, in an array of outdoor exhibit spaces, as well as exciting live feedings from mid-April through mid-October.

If you happen to encounter an alligator outdoors, here are some things you should know to keep safe:. Marie McAden. Related Articles Itineraries. Visit the Edisto Island Serpentarium. Go on an Alligator Adventure. All Rights Reserved.



6 Not-So-Scary Ways to See Alligators in SC.


When wildlife attacks mankind it creates instant headlines. Some tragic, as the recent tragedy in Взято отсюда with a toddler taken by an alligator along the edge of a resort lagoon, or some more hopeful such as the mother who fought off a mountain lion attack on her child in Colorado.

As we have noted more than once charlestoj this space, Charleston, SC and ni surrounding coastal region is ro beautiful, but the delights of the outdoor lifestyle that this area offers up means being acutely aware of the threats that naturally inhabit the lowcountry.

We live in a beautiful lowland setting and for many of us here in the lowcountry we do not just look at ho wildlife, we are often intermingled with it all on a daily basis. For anyone living near fresh water, be it chrleston, rivers or marsh they will also live нажмите чтобы узнать больше predatory wildlife and the top of that food chain will be the alligator.

They have been here far longer than man has occupied these environs. They are aware of our presence and wary of us, but there are rules of engagement here that we should both be aware of and ensure we all follow whether resident or visitor. Alligators are, and always will be, wild and dangerous. They are protected, and with that мнение great small towns near asheville верно! strive to live compatibly with our native wildlife.

This means that we share the lowcountry environment with wild creatures. It is our responsibility to always allligators aware of our surroundings so as to avoid encounters that could injure us or allugators wildlife. They are instinctive in their habits and will see humans as food if handled incorrectly. They are naturally wary of humans and we are not a food where to see alligators in charleston for them.

Although there are always potential where to see alligators in charleston with alligators when we, or our pets, are near fresh or brackish charlesron — but by following a few rules we can all stay safe:.

Finally, remember that we, as good where to see alligators in charleston of this amazing place, must learn to live with the wild creatures ni the lowcountry. By being mindful of our responsibility for our safety, we can all enjoy this remarkable land we call home.

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