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The demographics of Metro Vancouver indicate a multicultural and multiracial region. Metro Vancouver is a metropolitan area, with its major urban centre being Vancouver , British Columbia, Canada.

The Vancouver census metropolitan area , as defined by Statistics Canada , encompasses roughly the same territory as the Metro Vancouver Regional District , a regional district in British Columbia. The regional district includes 23 local authorities. Figures provided here are for the Vancouver census metropolitan area and not for the City of Vancouver.

The following table shows the development of the number of inhabitants according to census data of Statistics Canada. The former municipalities of Point Grey and South Vancouver are not included in the data prior to The Metro Vancouver Regional District comprises 23 member authorities — 21 municipalities, one electoral area, and one treaty First Nation.

The demographics of Metro Vancouver reveal a multi-ethnic society. From the time of the region’s first non-indigenous settlement in the second half of the 19th century, people from Britain and Ireland were the largest group of immigrants and, collectively, remain the largest ethnic grouping in Vancouver to this day. The metropolitan area has one of the most diverse Chinese-speaking communities with several varieties of Chinese being represented. Metro Vancouver contains the second-largest Chinatown in North America after San Francisco’s , and many multicultural neighbourhoods such as the Punjabi Market , Greektown , and Japantown.

Commercial Drive , the core of the historic Little Italy , which is also the main Portuguese area, has become an alternative-culture focus, though traditional Italian and Portuguese and other establishments and residents remain in the area. Bilingual street signs can be seen in Chinatown and the Punjabi Market, and commercial signs in a wide array of languages can be seen all over the metropolitan area.

In the city of Vancouver and four adjacent municipalities Surrey , Burnaby , Richmond , and Coquitlam , there is no visible majority. Hence, the term visible minority is used here in contrast to the overall Canadian population which remains predominantly of European descent. In Metro Vancouver, at the census, Greater Vancouver has more interracial couples than Canada’s two largest cities, Toronto and Montreal.

In , 9. Vancouver has less residential segregation of its ethnic minorities compared to Canadian cities like Montreal. A person with some First Nations ancestry may not necessarily identify as someone who is First Nations. There is a small community of aboriginal people in Vancouver as well as in the surrounding metropolitan region, with the result that Vancouver constitutes the largest native community in the province, albeit an unincorporated one i.

Indigenous peoples, who make up less than two percent of the city’s population, are not considered a visible minority group by Statistics Canada. Much of the ethnic white population consists of persons whose origins go back to Britain or Ireland and, until recently, British Columbians with British or Irish ancestry most likely came directly from those islands, rather than via Ontario or the Maritime Provinces.

Non-visible minorities such as newly arrived Eastern Europeans and the new wave of Latin Americans are also a feature of the city’s ethnic landscape. Prior to the Hong Kong influx of the s, the largest non-British Isles ethnic group in the city was German , followed by Ukrainian and the Scandinavian ethnicities.

Most of these earlier East European immigrant are fully assimilated or intermarried with other groups, although a new generation of East Europeans form a distinct linguistic and social community. As of there are about 70, ethnic Koreans in the Vancouver area. Rimhak Ree Yi Yimhak came to Vancouver to study mathematics at the University of British Columbia in , making him the first known ethnic Korean to live in the city.

The first Korean United Church congregation in the city opened in Numbers of Korean immigration to Canada increased due to more permissive immigration laws established in the s as well as the home country’s political conflict and poverty.

Christianity is a popular religion among ethnic Koreans. About Korean churches are in the Vancouver area. In Greater Vancouver had fewer than 5, ethnic Koreans. In the number had increased to 8, Canwest Global does a co-venture with the Canada Express , a Korean publication, to serve ethnic Koreans.

It previously published a Korean edition of the Vancouver Sun but later stopped. Daniel Ahadi and Catherine A. Punjabi immigrants first arrived in Vancouver during the late 19th century. Surrey has the largest ethnic South Asian population in Metro Vancouver, at The Newton neighbourhood in Surrey contains the highest percentage of ethnic Indians in a neighbourhood in Metro Vancouver.

Technically, though, the term ‘Asian’ may refer to either group, and also to the large Persian and other Middle Eastern populations as well as elements from Central Asia. The question on knowledge of languages allows for multiple responses. The following figures are from the Canadian Census , and lists languages that were selected by at least 1, respondents.

The following figures come from the census profile for Vancouver, the census metropolitan area. Religion in Metro Vancouver []. Vancouver, like the rest of British Columbia, has a low rate of church attendance compared with the rest of the continent and the majority of the population does not practice religion. The Metro Vancouver Homeless Count revealed that there were at least 2, people found to be homeless in Metro Vancouver.

The report published on these results stated, “It is important to note that all Homeless Counts are inherently undercounts and that the Metro Vancouver Count was no exception. Between and , “the count revealed that homelessness in the region nearly doubled from to persons”.

Thus, the count conducted in implies that the homeless population has remained relatively stable between and Furthermore, of the homeless youth surveyed, individuals were under the age of 19, between the ages of 19—24, and 74 whose ages could not be identified, for a total of homeless. Adults constituted the largest cohort of homeless in Metro Vancouver with individuals between the ages of 25—34, between the ages of 35—44, and between the ages of 45—54, for a total of 1, homeless.

Lastly, seniors — those above the age of 55 — constituted homeless people. Of the 2, people identified in the count, ages for people could not be provided. Homelessness doesn’t occur suddenly, rather it is a progression wherein an individual becomes part of the group of ‘at risk’ individuals, remains in this group for some time, and then, finally, becomes homeless due to economic hardships and social dislocation.

Housing affordability has and continues to be the top priority housing issue Vancouverites must resolve. This study revealed that 8. More in depth still, this study also found that Only Heather Smith and David Ley found that in Canada’s gateway cities, “the appreciable growth of the low-income population during the s was almost entirely attributable to the growing poverty of recent immigrants”.

Analysis conducted by Robert Fiedler revealed that, in , ” Recently, the City of Vancouver released a new strategy targeting homelessness and affordable housing.

The strategy will be enacted in and will run until , with the goal of ending street homelessness completely by , as well as increasing affordable housing choices for all Vancouverites.

The City of Vancouver indicates that from to , “homelessness has increased nearly three-fold” from approximately homeless in , to 1, homeless in As Robert Fiedler noted in , “renters are disproportionately located in the City of Vancouver, which contains only By , the City of Vancouver hopes to enable 5, additional social housing units, 11, new market rental-housing units, and 20, market ownership units.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Demographics of region. Vancouver Year Pop. Main article: Chinese Canadians in Greater Vancouver. Main article: Korean Canadians. Religion in Metro Vancouver [] Christian Irreligious Sikh 6. Buddhist 3. Muslim 3. Hindu 1. Jewish 0. Other 0. Main article: Homelessness in Vancouver. Archived from the original PDF on 14 June Retrieved 6 February BC Stats.

Surrey, BC: Linkman Press. ISBN Metro Vancouver Regional District. Retrieved 26 February Statistics Canada. Retrieved 24 February Retrieved 6 October Retrieved 22 March Retrieved 2 April Ethnic Origin.

Retrieved 17 December Retrieved 5 October UBC Press , 1 July ISBN , Start p.


Vancouver Has Been Transformed By Chinese Immigrants : NPR – Advertisement 1

Mar 27,  · Forty-three per cent of Metro Vancouver residents have an Asian heritage, which is a much higher proportion than any other major city outside the continent of Asia. . South Asian origins: 7, East and Southeast Asian origins: , Burmese: 1, Cambodian (Khmer) 2, Chinese: , Filipino: , Hmong: Indonesian: . According to Canada census, Vancouver is an extremely diverse city, with a huge number of ethnic and cultural groups living there. In , the six most commonly ethnic origins overall .


Census Profile, Census – Vancouver [Population centre], British Columbia and Canada [Country]


Jackie Northam. The Granville Street Bridge leads to downtown Vancouver, asian population in vancouver bc skyline of gleaming apartment towers hugging the waterfront is reminiscent посетить страницу источник Hong Kong. When you cross over the Granville Street Bridge that winds into downtown Vancouver, you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re in Hong Kong. The skyline has the same ribbon of gleaming apartment towers hugging the waterfront, and similar mountains in the distance.

There is also an unabashed display of wealth, readily apparent перейти на источник the city’s Kitsilano neighborhood. Within a few short blocks, you can find dealerships for по ссылке of the world’s most expensive cars: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls-Royce and Asian population in vancouver bc Martin, among others.

At the front of the McLaren showroom are four sleek, high-performance sports cars, known as supercars. That’s for one of the cheaper models in this showroom. Ng says there’s a big market in Vancouver. Most customers are foreign. Ng says the supercar market in Vancouver started to really take off aroundwhen China’s economy was red-hot. Wealthy Asian immigrants and investors also started buying up businesses and property in the city.

The result has been a real estate market now out of reach for many residents, something that is straining the city’s reputation for welcoming newcomers. Marianne Wu first came from China to Vancouver as a student seven years ago and now works in marketing and translating. The asian population in vancouver bc says продолжить чтение loves the city, just received her permanent residency card and bought a two-bedroom condo downtown.

Owning property is deeply rooted in Chinese asian population in vancouver bc, she says, but the government in Beijing doesn’t allow people to own the land their homes are built on. Wu says her family back in China helped her buy a home in Vancouver. Vancouver has long been a magnet for immigrants from all over the world. It is one of Canada’s most diverse cities and prides itself on its multiculturalism. Immigrants began arriving from China in the late s, when laborers came to help asian population in vancouver bc the trans-Canada railway.

Shortly after its completion, Canada began cracking down больше на странице Chinese immigrants, and banned most of them in the early s. Half a century later, those policies changed and Canada began encouraging Chinese professionals and entrepreneurs to come. Don’t see the graphic above?

Click here. There are Chinese names on all of the institutions of arts and culture,” he says. Yu says asian population in vancouver bc was a surge of Chinese immigrants and investment in the Vancouver region in the s, when there was concern over what would happen inthe year Britain handed sovereignty of Hong Kong back to China. A piano showroom at Aberdeen Centre, a shopping mall in Richmond, a Vancouver suburb.

More than half of Richmond’s population is Chinese. Over the past decade, money from mainland China has been flooding into Vancouver, says Andy Yan, an urban studies adjunct professor at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver.

Wealthy people in mainland China are worried about the future, he says, and Vancouver is seen as a good place to park money, often anonymously. But inCanadian authorities uncovered a massive money laundering operation that asian population in vancouver bc raised concerns about that flow of money from China.

The epicenter of the illegal operation was the River Rock Casino in the Vancouver suburb of Richmondwhere more than half the population is Chinese. River Rock Casino is an enormous resort with restaurants, a hotel and big-name entertainment.

Peter German, a former deputy commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was commissioned by British Columbia’s attorney general to look into money laundering at Red Rock and other casinos. Casinos have “produced a lot of revenue for the provincial government,” What american cities have the highest tells NPR. German found an underground banking system was used to help wealthy Chinese individuals funnel money from China to Vancouver.

It would transit through the casinos. In some cases, people were carrying up to half-a-million Canadian dollars at a time. Those bills would be turned into gambling chips that could be cashed out afterward.

Some of the laundered money flowed into the illegal drug trade, some asian population in vancouver bc luxury cars. Yan says for more than a decade, wealthy Chinese asian population in vancouver bc have been on a spending spree, scooping up адрес страницы, condos and apartment asian population in vancouver bc throughout the greater Vancouver area. This has driven up prices and added to a run on the city’s housing stock.

Vancouver’s real estate prices are the third-highest throughout the U. He says those two areas claim the top spots in terms of income, but Vancouver falls well behind — it’s No. Such reports have led to a адрес resentment among Vancouver residents like Brittany Davis, who feel priced out of the market. Davis and her husband recently moved back to Vancouver after living in the U.

They are struggling with the high housing prices, she explained while walking her asian population in vancouver bc, Bella, on the city’s popular Granville Island. They can barely afford to rent their apartment. Brittany Davis and her husband recently moved back to Vancouver after living in the U.

Canada’s federal and provincial governments recently tried to stabilize the Vancouver area’s real estate market by adding new taxes, including a vacancy tax, for foreign buyers. That smacks of racism to Kevin Huang, founder of the Hua Foundation, a nonprofit community development organization. He says undoubtedly some wealthy ethnic Chinese people see Vancouver as only an investment. British Columbia Attorney General David Eby tells NPR it’s difficult to discuss raising taxes for foreigners because it can “quickly transition into talk of discrimination, talk of racism.

They can earn money anywhere in the world and buy property here. And we need to /19318.txt steps to make sure that people who are working and living here are at least on a level playing field with people who are earning money somewhere else and bring it in. That strategy may be having an effect. Chinese investment in commercial property in Vancouver dropped by about a third in over the previous two years, according to the commercial real estate firm CBRE Ltd.

In a asian population in vancouver bc Web version of this story, Granville Island was incorrectly referred to as Vancouver Island. Accessibility links Skip to main content Keyboard asian population in vancouver bc for audio player. NPR Shop. Vancouver Has Been Transformed By Chinese Immigrants Chinese immigrants and investors have bought businesses and property, made philanthropic contributions and supported the arts. But some Vancouver residents feel priced out of the real estate market.

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