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More United deals on Hartford (BDL) to New York/Newark (EWR) flights There are no flight results that match your filtered criteria based on user searches. On average you can expect to pay $2, for a flight from Connecticut to New York. The cheapest flight overall is $20 while the most popular route, (Hartford. United flights from New York/Newark to Hartford from $ * or as low as $28 per month? · Low fare calendar for flights from New York/Newark (EWR) to Hartford.

– Connecticut to New York – 4 ways to travel via train, plane, bus, and car


Cons: “They gave me the wrong ticket. They did not call the my name as TSA created a huge line and a lot of costumers lost their flights. When i finally entered the terminal and i went to the gate, the plane had left ahead of time, therefore i missed my flight and i had to pay a different flight with a different airline because i had to be in Manhattan, NY during the morning hours. The people at the gate did not give me a alternative even after i told them my urgency.

They said you can wait here until 4 pm or take the morning flight tomorrow. This was very wrong and i want my money back. One carry on piece increased the fair by over fifty percent!!! As they say,” that’s a bunch of bull “!! Pros: “didnt like anything”. Cons: “The flight was delayed because of the weather in New York, I saw from my phone the flight was delayed so I went to airport later, when I got there the people on the counter checked me but they told me I had to get my seat inside.

So I went thru tsa and got to the gate but then the stuffs on the counter told me the plane tickets were over booked and they were supposed to check me in, they had me waited there until the last one to check in to the plane, after I got seated I took around there were more than 10 empty seats in the plane which meant they lied and the stuffs were really rude!

Pros: “Flight was non stop”. Cons: “All the additional charges for carry on and paying for my selected seat. Will not fly this airline again. The epic logistic failure at Ft Lauderdale. I got to the airport 2 plus hours early and still barely made my flight in time.

I wanted to get something to eat but I couldn’t because I had to wait in two lines to get my boarding pass, because the Kiosk would not print my ticket. In addtion to Spirit overloading TSA in their terminal. My worst flying experience ever, and I fly a lot! Cons: “The flight was canceled two days in a row and I was stranded in Detroit. No hotel accommodation or rebooking was provided. Worst airline by far”. Cons: “As we were landing the pilots seemed to have lost control of the plane.

People were screaming. I’ve flown all over the world on a lot of different airlines, and this was by far the worst. The aircraft was so small and packed it felt claustrophobic! Not worth the small difference in price. Cons: “Spirit airlines is the worst airlines by showing cheap ticket prices, but then charges you for getting a seat and carry-on bags. Their customer service is just as bad. Unlike the other airlines I was flying back on that gave me a FULL credit of the unrefundable ticket price to be used within the next year!

Kudos to American Airlines!! Cons: “My flight was canceled with little notice, and the only option I was given by the airline was to try and find a seat on another flight back using their website. Well, nothing was available for several days, and I couldn’t afford to miss that much work. Plus, Spirit’s help line was totally unavailable. I ended up booking a last minute flight with Delta.

The voucher is also only good until July, and I have no flights planned any time in the near future where I could think about using it in time.

You get what you pay for, and from now on I’ll just be paying more for flights with airlines I can trust. Cons: “Not only did they cancel my flight an hour before said flight, i had to wait in 3. Why didn’t i call to reschedule? Because there was a 2 hour wait on the phone. Once i did get through while still standing in line they wanted to reschedule my flight for TWO days later! So i decide to wait in line. I get to the agent and they can only reschedule me for the next day at 11am.

So i missed work. They dont offer any type of snack on the airplane, im barely 5’2 and the seat infront of me was a mere two inches away from my knees. Cons: “You can’t bring ur carry on with out paying and the landing was ruff bad experience.

Cons: “Should have a warning about how they charge for carry-on bags as that isn’t a common practice at other airlines. They were also extremely rude. I get that the gate attendants probably get people complaining about that charge all the time and probably get tired of dealing with the complaints, but clearly that means the airline isn’t being as clear as they should be. And no need to add insult to injury by being rude to me on top of charging me an unexpected and extremely high fee.

Cons: “I know for a fact that I will never take a spirit flight again in my life and neither should you. I was supposed to leave Fort Lauderdale on Saturday at am.

The flight kept being delayed until pm when passengers were finally told that it was cancelled. The runaround that Spirit gave us was absolutely ridiculous – literally. Due to the plane still being in Fort Myers and not being at the original gate they made us change to 3 different gates -E2, E7, G various locations within the airport.

I am talking about one side of the airport to another. Finally, at the last gate 10, the plane arrives at 1pm but there was mechanical difficulties that had to be repaired.

We boarded the plane at 3pm once the plane was fixed. We sat on the plane for 45 minutes before a Rep came on the plane to ask for 4 volunteers to give up their seats. Four people leave and another group of four people board. Captain tells us that they are searching for luggage and once that’s finished we will leave. An hour later, still seated in the plane the Captain apologizes and says that he will let us leave the plane to stretch our legs because Laguardia has not cleared the plane for take off.

At this point it is close to 5pm. We wait another hour and half of Reps saying they don’t have info because apparently now there is a weather concern in NY that is causing the delay. I immediately call my husband to ask about the weather and he tells me it was sunny, 60 degrees, and it rained for 20 minutes.

I get a feeling that Spirit is about to cancel this flight and even ask the Reps- they all say no the flights not being cancelled. After another hour and half wait they make the grand announcement that the flight is cancelled. If you thought that was the worst part of my day, think again.

After chaos breaks out from the passengers we are told to find customer service at gate H5. Another trek trough the airport we reach customer service who is a lone Rep with a line wrapped around the corner. After waiting another hour to speak to her, she tells me the earliest flight Spirit could put me on is Tuesday night remember it’s Saturday night. I ask if there is a way to get on to other airlines and she tells me that it isn’t spirits policy to find me any flight home.

They could only reimburse me and I would have to book my own flight home. I leave the line and start searching for flights and it becomes clear that flights are booked going to NY.

I eventually book a flight for the next day on United that leaves out of Miami airport, connects in Chicago and lands in Newark. I took this flight that was 3 times the cost of the Spirit flight, with connections, an hour and half drive from my house just so I could end the Spirit nightmare.

Moral of the Story: For your sanity, to be treated professionally with consideration to your time, take any airline other than Spirit. Cons: “Seats are not comfortable. No room at all. No service. Not even a glass of water. Most disturbing was the pilot. He made jokes about New York City that were inappropriate. For example he said “we’ve landed in New York. In the current climate, I don’t think we need any jokes about violence in New York City.

New York is a wonderful city and I hope that people appreciate it. I did not find the pilots jokes funny. He also announced that he knows how to handle New Yorkers. What on earth is he talking about? We are melting pot we are city of all different kinds of people.

I did not enjoy your stereotyping. Pros: “Airline Canceled the first leg and so never got to this flight”. Cons: “Airline cancelled the flight with zero understandable cause. And now out thousands to get home a day later than planned”. Cons: “Bought a round trip to Florida from LGA and back, had to miss my first flight due to an emergency and ended up heading into Florida two days earlier than planned.

The day to come back, I was dealt with in such a rude manner at the Spirit airline desk because they said since I didn’t show up for my first flight they canceled my second??? I was so furious because the way I was treated, they just canceled my ticket back home even though on my phones email I had the confirmation number for my original ticket and so the amount of time that it took to get another ticket Calling Spirit this week to talk about this experience and to get a partial refund one one of the tickets since I paid for 3 full tickets and actually only used two.

As someone who is still in school coughing up money for another ticket is completely unfair NOR was this stated on my email. Cons: “Having heard about how bad spirit airline is at rhe past i decided to give it a chance thinking how bad can they be Well its even much worse then i even thought.

I have booked a flight from L. It srarted with a delay of 3 hours because they didnt even had a plane. Ones we end up getting to Chicago the connection flight was delayed in 2. Only after waiting anorher 2. Beaides everything rhe service was awful.

We went and talk to a manager who was also very rude and unprofessional. We asked for a refund and we will book anorher flight with another company. Save yourself and never book with spirit again!!!!! Cons: “Aside from awful seats, boarding procedures got for cattle, and Spirit’s attempts to make you buy extras while booking multiple, fervent, attenpts , they have no water on board except for purchase. I asked repeatedly for a cup of the rate substance to wash down a pill-my bag with credit cards was stashed somewhere else, the seatbelt sign was on, and I had a well deserved splitting headache.

The answer was “absolutely not”. Also-the crew was pushing MasterCard applications-promising a certificate of airmiles for completing it.

The miles, are, in fact, unusable. Even if I used the card, the fees for booking with miles far exceed the price of the actual ticket. Cons: “Spirit has a special way of making you wish you didn’t need luggage when you travel.

Both going and returning there was at least a 45 minute wait for the luggage at baggage claim. Be sure to bring your own water because that isn’t available for free either. Pros: “Would prefer if kayak would be more transparent about the actual cost of baggage fees. Pros: “Board flight.

Fly to destination. I love the no frills, low luggage, easy on and easy off of this airline. My biggest feeling of stress on flights is the drink service. The cart is always blocking the bathroom, you are thinking of what free beverage you want the entire first hour, you spill some of it, then you have trash for the second hour of the flight. It’s literally the worst part of flying other than the endless fear of death and facing your mortality with every hint of turbulence.

This airline and others like it are amazing. No stress of awkwardly bothering your aisle mates with getting in and out when they just got a comp. Half the anxiety of flying is alleviated for me personally. Love this airline. The flight was oversold, they had people on standby. Plane was freezing, people were wearing their polar fleece.

On top of that, they announce an advertisement for their credit card aboard, with a whole plane of captive listeners forced to hear. Awful customer service, no phone number to call, will never fly spirit again If I can ever help it!!! Cons: “Fees for baggage, fees for snacks,fees for seats if you want to sit together, and to top it off, the plane was late arriving for boarding, and sat on the tarmac for 45 mins to take off on our flight in New York!

And another thing, the seats are so close together that the passenger sitting behind you ends up with their knees in your back the whole trip. Every move or shift they make is a thump in the back. My kidneys may never recover! Will only use your airline as a last resort. The plane was extremely loud, and sounded as if the panels could be ripped right off during landing and takeoff.

We shouldve just packed a backpack. I don’t think I would ever fly this airline again because the overall feeling was that the equipment was rickety and unsafe. I guess Ive just become accustomed to professionalism and service on other airlines. Cons: “We ended up having to cancel our flight due to Hurricane Matthew. The airline refused to give us a reimbursement for the ticket even though we bought insurance thru your company. I spent hours on the phone with both spirit and your company and still nothing was resolved.

Now have an insurance claim hoping to get my money back as we would never use spirit for any other flight besides the one that we were planning to take as it’s the only direct flight to Myrtle Beach. You also have to pay for seat assignment and baggage, and that’s including a carry on. It’s ridiculous. Pros: “It’s cheap-ish. Cons: “I won’t bother telling you all the things you know about Spirit but that you think might be tolerable in exchange for cheap airfare: seats that don’t recline, a charge for a carry-on bag, a charge to print a boarding pass, a charge for soda and snacks.

All of that I’m used to, as is anyone who flies Spirit. You want basic amenities, fly Delta. You want cheap, fly Spirit. But something new and remarkably unwelcome happened on this flight: we arrived at the airport an hour before our 6am flight and were told when we tried to check in that we were too late and the flight was closed.

I explained that we already had booked a flight–I wasn’t asking to buy a new ticket. She said she understood, but we’d never clear security in time there was no line and that our bags probably wouldn’t arrive at our destination because we were “so late.

I said we needed to get home. They said, “You’re supposed to be here 2 hours early. There’s a range of appropriate say, less than 2 but more than 1 hour and inappropriate say, 15 minutes before your flight. When you’re flying at 6am and you know there won’t be a line, you don’t really arrive that early.

Anyway, they called a supervisor who said to let us board. And then there was a mechanical problem with this plane that was so intent on leaving ASAP that we weren’t going to be allowed to board a full hour in advance. And the flight was an hour delayed, meaning I guess we really did arrive 2 hours in advance. Dump Spirit. It is never, ever worth it.

Cons: “Was supposed to arrive in New York Monday evening. My flight was cancelled once I got to Detroit because of weather over New York. The staff was blatantly rude and unhelpful. They also told me I wouldn’t be able to get another flight to New York until the following Thursday. They didnt offered any vouchers for food or hotel. I eventually I had to rent a van with four strangers and drive 11 hours at pm to avoid paying what would have easily been a thousand dollars in hotel fares and food for 3 days.

They also told me they would refund part of my flight cost when I was in like for two hours, then denied saying that on the phone later that day. Cons: “I arrived at O’Hare and my flight was cancelled. The Spirit representatives said that someone from Spirit would contact me in a few days to reimburse me for the flight from O’Hare to NYC, but as of a week, no one has. I have very little faith that anyone ever will or that I will be reimbursed for the flight that was cancelled.

Pros: “I tried to check in online and by phone They require for me to register but it was difficult to figure out how and time consuming So my son called but they said cant do it by phone,. At no time either on the website or on phone were we made aware of bag fees and that if you wait to check them in the fees are exorbitant. I expected to pay at most 25 dollars for an extra bag, I came with 2 bags and no carry on, They wanted to charge dollars for 2 bags Absurd especially as they failed to inform me either at time of ticketing or at time of attempted check in.

I never flew this airline before and my son who booked the flight for me did not either, I had to throw one bag away No frills No smiles from employees The agent who was checking me in seemed to be the only one who cared The supervisor was unhelpful and cold and very adamant that I don’t at the full fee even though there was never a prior attempt by the airline to inform me of their extortionist bag fee policy! Cons: “Spirit cancelled my flight 3 times in 3 days, causing me to be stuck in New York City until Wednesday when my original outbound flight was on Sunday.

They only flew me out on Delta when I argued with their customer service reps for hours. Will never recommend airline again. Pros: “The cost of airfare was good but also competitive with other airlines like American and United. I chose Spirit Air because the flight worked with my schedule. Cons: “I missed my flight along with others because of a delay going through the TSA security check. Arrived at the gate 14 minutes prior to departure. An international traveler with a small child was waiting to board as well.

The CSA had just walked down the jetway and was suppose to return. Four minutes later the flight pushed out of the gate, departing 10 minutes early. The staff knew of the TSA delay. Spirit Air requires you to have a smaller carry on suitcase than the rest of the industry.

Spirit Air is not a deal. Traveller beware! Pros: “Nothing except the price of the airfare. Cons: “The entire trip from beginning to end was the worst experience ever. If you absolutely have to take this airline, be sure to look up baggage information before traveling. Our flight was delayed due to no air conditioning on the plane but they later said it was due to traffic control so that they wouldn’t have to compensate us. All in all I was not able to catch a flight until eight hours later.

Can I fly to New York from Connecticut right now? Quarantine requirements Visitors from Connecticut are not required to quarantine after entering New York. Quarantine requirements Visitors from New York are not required to quarantine after entering Connecticut.

Departure points for flights from Connecticut to New York Select to see more specific information for flights to New York from all departure points in Connecticut. Top 2 airlines flying from Connecticut to New York The chart below displays the airlines Cheapflights users traveling from Connecticut to New York choose most often. Cheapest and average prices are based on aggregated data from the past 12 months.

Popular flight searches Check out other popular destinations found by fellow travelers in Flights from Miami to Madrid. Flights from Los Angeles to Puerto Vallarta. Flights to Fort Myers. Flights to Belize City. Flights from Denver to Las Vegas. Flights to Ukraine. Due to the storm the day before, my flight out of Miami was cancelled and I was told that the flight out of W Palm Beach was my only option.

At , I got an email with news of a two hour delay. But much worse was the boarding experience. This set off a frenzy, with seated passengers yelling at the people boarding to hurry!! I was told by the pilot while exiting in LGA, that we made it by 30 seconds! Pros: “The plane was new and very comfortable. Free entertainment and plug for charging electronics.

Love this airline! Pros: “We were in the plane for 3 hours before we could depart. No one offered us a drink or snack. Pros: “Got me where I needed to go at the price I wanted to pay. Cons: “Not my typical Delta experience: -Boarding for special needs was a joke. No more did I get up and they went to the next group. I was almost knocked over in the rush. However, between the two of them, one of them had a thick accent.

It felt as if my spine took a quick jab to my brain as a result! Pros: “Great trips notifications”. Pros: “Very nice flight and attentive staff. Cons: “The male flight attendant who handed out the complimentary drinks and snacks acted a bit strangely.

I was very thirsty, and I asked him if I could keep the rest of the can of soda. He neither said yes nor no, but rather completely ignored what I said and just poured my drink and moved on. I was a mildly annoyed, but figured maybe it was policy and he was shy and didn’t want to debate the matter.

When he took care of the older couple behind us, however, things got really strange. He asked them whether they wanted pretzels or peanuts, but they misheard him and asked for a ginger ale.

I happened to know that he did have ginger ale, since my wife had just gotten one, but rather than just pouring the old folks a drink, he repeated himself. Again, rather than just pour them the drink, he repeated himself. Very weird. Cons: “The flight is delayed 3. Pros: “Staffing was great! Cons: “The fact is that it is illegal to pack Sardines at compact as you are packing us on your aluminum cans.

Pros: “Nice crew and good equipment”. Cons: “Bad bad food very disappointing”. Pros: “I am not one who enjoys flying. I don’t think there ever will be a time that I enjoy flying. However, the pilot, stewards, and all other workers on delta were very nice.

Cons: “I don’t like flying so there really wasn’t anything I liked. Cons: “Awful experience. Delta left us stranded on the runway for 3 hours. Pathetic airline. Cons: “Arrived at my destination almost two hours after the initial arrival time”. Pros: “The Delta cookies that were offered as a snack”. Cons: “I don’t understand why there’s always a lack of space when the flight is full. Were the aircrafts not designed to accommodate a full flight’s worth of luggage?

Now I am in my seat with both my carry on and personal item stowed below. So was I comfortable? Was I upset and annoyed, on top of being tired? They need a better system. Pros: “I got home. That’s the highlight. We didn’t have any incidents. Cons: “Took off late because the bus to transport flight attendants were late. Backed up once into New York. Had to circle several times. Once landed we waited in a queue behind 10 aircraft. Pros: “Nothing”.

Cons: “I did not like the fact that I have been with Delta for years and their response to me about booking my flight and using the payment method was they are working on it and there is nothing they can do. They would not even offer to hold my flight for 24 hours in case they fixed the issue within that time frame.

It was very disappointing. It was unprofessional and extremely uncalled for. The seats were completely empty and there was no reason for him to admonish me loudly and rudely.

I suffer from severe general anxiety disorder, fur which I take appropriate medications, but this incident caused an anxiety attack that lasted through the rest of the flight. Extremely disturbing that crew would behave so rudely and insensitively to anyone. Cons: “Plane was dirty when boarding and older than usual with a broken intercom speaker above us – squawking volume that rang every time the captain or seatbelt light came on.

Staff were loud throughout this evening flight where everyone tried to get some shut eye. NOT kid friendly. A few more reasons why we’ll never fly delta again”. Pros: “Wifi”. Cons: “No shoulder room”. Cons: “Plane was diverted back to Toronto from LaGuardia airport as we were told due to “weather”, landed late at night and were told that due to not being able to control weather WestJet could not assist with accommodations, leaving everyone stranded and scrambling to find a room in alreday booked up hotels.

When speaking on phone with agent, I was told it wasn’t due to weather but incident at LaGuardia where plane went off runway. La Guardia opened it’s other runway immediately after and other airports in NewYork were running fine. Completely unacceptable and extremely bad customer service as CSR simply told us “sorry we can’t help”.

Will never book with West Jet again. Pros: “Comfortable seats and great flight attendants. Cons: “The boarding. Having to wait for people to place their carry ons. Pros: “Delta’s free in-flight wi-fi for entertainment movies, tv, music on your own device is a big plus. Not so easy to find there’s sparse information in their magazine or seat-back brochure , but once you find it there’s a wealth of options.

Pros: “The flight , was delay for 3 hrs.. I have to take anoth flight. Pros: “The customer service of the middle aged White frmale FA”. Cons: “The seats were small”. Pros: “Clean, modern plane, friendly crew, great service”.

Cons: “I liked it all! Pros: “the pretzels and drinks. The flight attendant was very polite and attentive. Cons: “Sitting as they had to fix a broken plane. Missing my connecting flight and getting in late. Cons: “Flight did not leave on time. Weather conditions were not a factor. Pros: “There should atleast one checked luggage”. Cons: “Too expensive and baggage charge is additional which does not make any sense”.

The flight was excellent. I have no complaints. Pros: “Free novies”. Cons: “Food service and better social distancing”. Cons: “No weather delay”. Pros: “I was cramped being a man of fair size. Which honestly quite made the flight even better. Cons: “I can’t think of a thing the crew could have done better. Top Notch! Cons: “Bathroom broken. Broken plane. Stuck on runway with me bathroom and no food or drink for 2 hours before we took off. Cons: “Seating is extra tight. Pros: “Very competent flight attendant.

Cons: “Flight was a half hour late. Pilot could have communicated with passengers. Gate 35X at National Airport is a terrible situation. We go down stairs to deplane, then wait for a bus to take us to the terminal.

Not acceptable. Pros: “The crew was friendly and the plane was comfortable and clean. Cons: “Nothing really needed to be better this time around”. Cons: “Flight was delayed for no apparent reason. Pros: “The coffee was hot? Cons: “Communication was awful. Make flight attendant had less personality than a dusty brick. Pros: “I liked being able to board early as an active duty service member. Cons: “I don’t really have anything to complain about.

Cons: “Very cold temperature in the cabin both flights, could have been warmer. Wore hooded packable jacket and gloves and was still cold”. Cons: “Better food”. Pros: “The flight was very quick and the crew was very professional”. Pros: “Convenient departure time originally”. Cons: “Late start due to needing more fuel because of weather at the destination. So after everyone had boarded, at the minute we were supposed to take off, they beg for 2 volunteers to get off the flight to compensate for the weight of the excess fuel.

At our destination there were clear sunn6 skies. Extra fuel was needed for that. And when we could finally get off, my legs had fallen asleep ffrom being too squeezed in for that relatively short flight.

When we got to the Gate for this flight, complimentary checking of carry-on bags was allowed, and that helped speed the boarding process, not just for us, but for all the people on the flight. Cons: “The on-line entertainment system wasn’t working.

Pros: “The flight crew”. Cons: “Small space. Old plane. Tight seats. Pros: “nothing good nothing bad, just ok. Cons: ” might as well be a cattle cart Cons: “I ended up renting a car at my expense to drive the last 6 hours. AA didn’t care, actually I think they were happy. Delayed in Hartford 6 hours.

Changed my layover flight in Dallas. Now Dallas delayed 1 hour. Pros: “When we left the gate”. Pros: “It works if you follow the rules. Pros: “Flight attendant was great; talkative, funny, entertaining. Cons: “Inclement weather”. Pros: “Great light, great staff. They did not have any movies or music you could listen to, but everything else was fabulous. Pros: “Competent crew; flight arrived on time with my luggage. Cons: “Plane was jammed full; so much so that even passengers like me, who paid to check one of my bags, still had to put my one carry-on under the seat in front of me instead of in an overhead compartment.

I expected some legroom because I paid to check my bag. Unfortunately because of American Airlines I had next to no legroom. I’ll be avoiding AA where possible on all of my future travels. Pros: “all around experience was good arrived in Charlotte early”. Cons: “Nothing to really say wasn’t to bad to say Cons: “No baggage controls from seat 18 to 28 no bags would fit. As we exited all the front rows we’re waiting to get there bags stored in back of planes overhead bins.

That’s just not right, especially when they charge us extra to take a bag for overhead bins storage. Pros: “The plane was newer, drinks are available. Seat only reclines half an inch or so so get ready for that. Cons: “Crew on aa is the worst bunch of entitled fools, almost as horrendous as united. Pros: “Roomie seat”.

Cons: “Made me Put my purse in back of plane”. Pros: “On time, smooth flight, no hassles”. Cons: “Tight space but overall not unexpected”. Pros: “Rebooked before we got inside”. Cons: “Landed early but were left on the taxi way for nearly an hour while the gate wasn’t ready. The first gate had a plane at it with “mechanical issues”.

Then it took about 30 minutes to get a different gate. Why do they give short layovers when their performance is not stellar? Pros: “I took an aisle seat for more room Glad to be going home”. Cons: “Still not enough leg room”. Pros: “Same as above. Pros: “I liked having in flight entertainment available. The flight crew was very friendly and allowed me to change seats once boarding was completed to be more comfortable. Cons: “My only complaint was that it was a long time between pushing off from the gate and lift off but that was due to weather.

Not the pilot’s fault. A little more than halfway through the flight, the woman in the row next to me began reading the airline magazine. Her window shade was up and the sunlight caused a horrible glare on the magazine pages that beamed like a laser over everyone near by.

My friend seated next to me and I both have extreme sensitivity to light that causes migraines. I asked the woman to close her shade which at first she did about an inch or two. This didn’t do anything to help the glare so I asked again and she refused to do anything more.

I explained it was giving us migraines and she didn’t seem to care. I asked the flight attendant to help navigate the situation, which was just as useless. She said she could ask but not force her to close her window shade. While I understand that AA can’t control that some people can be selfish, I find it incredibly hard to believe that the crew can’t intervene when a passengers actions are making other people physically ill.

Our only other option was to be relegated to the last row, next to the crews stinking pile of garbage that had been accumulating for the first five hours of the trip. Almost every crew member we interacted with was completely apathetic to the situation.

We spent the rest of flight nauseous and with splitting headaches. But I sure hope my row mate and fellow human being in 32A enjoyed the article about the dinosaur flea market in Bolivia This entire situation could have been mediated by the flight attendants who chose to disengage. Furthermore, when we were deceding to land, overhead bins were still open, and people were starting to stand up to gather their belongings in the overhead bins.

Again, the apathetic flight attendants were no where to be found. Overall, disappointing experience. Glad to never have to fly them again. Cons: “One flight attendant in my section 23H , plonked food down on the tray with a curt, “passengers-are-a-nuisance” attitude. Her male colleague, when I asked about a spoon for the tub of ice cream said “It’s there. If you can find it, you can eat it. Had I not already been travelling for16 hrs, having started the day in the Occupied Territories, I would have reported him to the senior person on board.

I was just too tired. Cons: “Lost my luggage. Very difficult to get information and long process to give my info on where I was staying. Was told it was on the next flight and should be arriving by pm depending who you talked to. I was told they don’t start delivering lost luggage until pm. At pm I call for an update. No update available other than its on it’s way. Still no update was given. I had an important meeting for early the following morning and if my bag did not arrive, I had no business clothes for the meeting.

I could have bought some new cloths but since I was TOLD my cloths would be arriving by pm and be delivered by early evening, I thought that not necessary.

I believe I was told that so BA”. Pros: “Nothing. Cons: “After waiting for the plane to receive some kind of maintenance for hours on end and missing our connecting flight, they finally sent us to another city to catch a different plane to our final destination. Pros: “cabin crew was nice and friendly. Very smooth and experienced pilot, nice take off and landings both ways. Cons: “This was supposed to be an Iberia flight, but with code share nothing is as it seems. Had to cancel previous flight on Scandinavian air as that turned into some Turkish Charter.

These old birds were 30 years old, out of Arizona desert storage And, AA re-confirmation showed flight and ticket canceled! Said Iberia flight, Iberia said AA flight Serious glitches and lost data You see why I tried to take a foreign carrier. Cons: “The seat in front of ours had a box of some sort that took uo the already tiny space for stowing your bag or placcing your feet.

In fact, sitting there would have been miserable and my husband had to move to another seat for ite 9 hour flight. Pros: “Take off delayed, poor comfort, service was not good and the entertainment system was not individual”. Cons: “Take off delayed, poor comfort, service was not good and the entertainment system was not individual”.

Pros: “Food was good and staff was nice. Cons: “Plane was old, seats uncomfortable like all the cushion in the seat had been worn out, and a bathroom was out of order so we had to wait in line for the other one that would quickly run out of paper towels. Pros: “Crew was great! Pros: “The crew was nice”. Cons: “It was over crowded, the person in front of me spilt their entire coffee on my bag and with everyone wearing masks no one can hear you.

When I went to get my luggage they just tossed it and then entire bag opened up. My luggage was not over stuffed nor was it even close to the weight limit. Everything flew out of the bag when it came down the carousel. Pros: “Plane was clean, newish interior and my economy plus seat was comfortable. That may be by design so people are encouraged to sleep, but it still would have nice to know that want available on the plane.

Was happy that a carry on and personal item was a trip option, that was awesome. Bathrooms were very clean. Communication was excellent regarding flight status, fullness of flights, upgrade options, etc. Cons: “Boarding on the way out was efficient, overall great, but on the way home, it was slow, tedious and at times utter chaos.

There were several near altercations on the plane over seat assignments. The size water bottle passed out for a 5 hour flight could have been more generous. No food offered due to Covid. Pros: “getting to my destination”. Cons: “How does a mi flight take 14hrs to accomplish. Fly United and find out. Pros: “I was impressed by the food. Tasty and plenty of tea and coffee. Cons: “They made a big deal at the gate about downloading the United App to be able to watch free movies.

Good thing I had my kindle! It eventually showed up, but we were all getting very nervous because of the long delay. Thanks to that woman, it all turned out fine. Pros: “Service was very good, they were on time and considering the flight time food was good too. Pros: “The TV shows and movie collection is good. Cons: “Horrible food, no complimentary drinks on economy plus seats.

Pros: “The flight crew was courteous and efficient. Cons: “The boarding time lasted an hour as the front desk staff at the gate insisted that I needed a visa travel document for my connection in China multiple leg journey.

It took a phone call and 3 staff members to sort things out. Not something that I want to deal with at am. Moreover, due to the de icing, the flight was late and i just made it to my connecting flight in Newark.

It was quite a hair-raising experience overall. Pros: “No faults”. Cons: “Very pleasant flight”. Pros: “On time”. Cons: “The flight attendants were rude, impatient and generally seemed unhappy to be working on this particular flight.

Pros: “Courteous crew. Smooth landing. My only compliant is that we have to purchase in-flight wi-fi. Pros: “On rime”. Pros: “It was ok”. He apologized a few minutes later and then proceeds to yell at me again. My flight was canceled and reset for a later time.

I have prior medical conditions that Edwin Rodriguez agitated through consistently harassing me at the help desk and am now in distress. I will never fly United Airlines again because of Edwin Rodriguez. Pros: “Service,management, food”. To find out it had been canceled. No call or email before hand, the had to wait until 2am to change the flight and get a hotel voucher.

After that, next day they board the plane and de-board the plane due to mechanical problems. Another night and just a couple of 10 vouchers. She never received an explanation or recompense for loosing part of her trip in the san juan airport. This is the second time ahe has gone thru this in the same year with United.

Awful experinece. Cons: “No warning for cancelation. No explanation of what is happening and no effort to make it better. Pros: “The only reason they have two stars instead of one is that the flight crew was good, and flight in general was ok. Also United service counter went above and beyond to help me with my situation, and I am grateful that they were able to rebook me on a new flight and check in my luggage without issues. Cons: “There was no one at SAS service counter I had to Google my flight number to find out that I actually had to check in with United since it was actually a United operated flight.

Why was I not informed beforehand?? My itinerary said that this is SAS flight, how was I supposed to know that i was supposed to go to United?? Because there was no one at SAS counter, I had no one to ask, I ended up waiting for the counter to open for an hour. When I found out I had to go to United, it was already too late for me to check in so I ended up missing my flight. Thank god for the agent at United however, who helped me rebook my flight and check in my luggage.

Cons: “Our originally scheduled flight out of CMH was cancelled within minutes of getting through security. The next day we boarded our scheduled flight, sat on the tarmac for awhile, then went back to the gate and de-planed for some unknown reason. We were then re-booked on a different airline. The ticket agent worked for an hour to find us a flight to EDI that wasn’t going through Newark delays from hell or Chicago weather from hell. She finally put us on a flight with an all-too-brief layover in Amsterdam after a connection in Detriot.

At this point we have boarding passes coming out our arses, It’s 5pm and I haven’t eaten since 9am, and we’re STILL not out of our departure city. Our projected arrival time was going to cost us ANOTHER night’s accommodation, as well as cause us to miss previously paid for engagements. Cons: “Even though I have an account with United, and confirmed that I was a vegetarian both online, and on the flight heading to Europe, my meal wasn’t entered.

It worked out really well because I was sitting close to the front and they had pasta dishes available, but this is not the first time that United and its partners have “lost” or “mishandled” my vegetarian registration. The flight attendant even remarked that sadly, she hears this ‘complaint’ constantly.

The food was good, but there’s no reason that my meal request can’t stay in the system. Pros: “It was the worst trip I have ever taken. Delayed 2 hours due to air traffic control problems, then they landed us in Baltimore and decided we were gonna take buses to Newark. They put us back on the plane and drove around the runway for 2 more hours until I finally had a panic attack.

I got off. Then they pulled everyone off and 3 busses took us to NJ, arrival at 4 a. Cons: “I am at a loss for words. I was scheduled to depart from Tampa,Fl July 25th at 5pm. I was able to catch an earlier flight when another airline so I did. I still needed to fly back from my destination from Newark, Nj on Monday July I am currently stuck in New York with no money for a return flight, and will possibly lose my job. I am extremely shocked that they would do that.

Pros: “My experience with Air Canada was all around pleasant. I would definitely fly with them again. Any negative aspect during my travels was due to their partner United Airlines. The flight itinerary changed numerous times before our departure, including two days before we left. The change added an additional layover, and put us at our destination nearly 6 hours later than out original booking.

This meant we lost a decent portion of the first day of our honeymoon. However, we were forced to stay an extra day when our return flight was cancelled. After spending 8 hours in the airport we were informed that our Monday flight was cancelled, and the next available flight would not be until Wednesday!

United Airlines let us down on the way to our destination and on our trip home. Air Canada was great, but I dread having to use their partner United Airlines.

It was handled in a terrible way”. Cons: “The way they didn’t care”. Pros: “Staff was nice and accommodating. Plane ride was smooth. The plane also heading to Newark ahead of us was overbooked and some people were pushed onto our plane, not a big deal if all can fit on the plane Frustrating and adds an element of concern when faced with delays when the weather is fine. The internet on the plane is also confusing to use Mistakenly booked my flight before realizing the new carry on policy, so trying to pack everything into a tiny bag to meet requirements was frustrating Cons: “I was stuck between two very large men on a flight where there was apparently no air conditioning.

I could barely breathe for how hot it was. Pros: “The crew was understanding and patient”. Cons: “I was informed by text that flight would be 3 hours late but when I called I was told I would need to get to airport at least an hour before scheduled departure as They MIGHT get a new aircraft!!!! However when I got to airport the flight was now listed at 4 hours late. I had missed my first trAin connection and lost part of that fee because of change then had to take UBER from airport to Penn Station in order to catch the LAST train to my home in upstate NY and was so late I could not call people to pick me up so had to take another taxi.

I am a United mileage person who flies regularly but to Texas and internationally but this was worst flight in years. Cons: “Southwest has much better experience. Cons: “I was unable to load on to the plane after trying to confirm my conferirmatiojn. I was scheduled for a flight from Detroit to Newark New Jersey. I had received a hematoma at the airport directly prior to the flight at the counter in Detroit.

It was essential that I be on the flight because my aunt died the next day and was extraordinarily ill. This was all explained to the agent.

They did nothing to help in this mess. I ended up flying to Washington DC on a different airline. They did nothing to try to help. I want a refund for this flight. There is no reason the airline could have helped out in some way. I have emergency room bills and death notices.

Thanks for your help. Pros: “Crew. Aircraft selection. Cons: “The public address system at St Johns is very poor in that you cannot understand the announcements. The announcements are inaudible in the Gate 1 area of the terminal including the adjacent snack bar area.

I asked the gate attendant what an announcement was about and was told that there was a minute delay in our flight. Our group then went to the adjacent snack bar.

Less than 10 minutes after the flight delay announcement I walked out of the adjacent snack bar and found that they were already boarding the flight!! Had I not gone back to the gate, we all would have missed our flight!! Pros: “Everything was on time!!! I flew in the new airplane with the adjustable seats coach and I was comfortable!!! This is a huge difference from a couple of years ago when I totally refused to fly this airline due to the the small uncomfortable seats when I was flying from NY to LA.

The service was amazing – every person from the kiosk help to the suitcase attendant who found my forgotten duty-free purchase after arrival. I had the best experience flying United – they really stepped up their game!!! No complaints!!! Pros: “Nothing at all literaly”. Cons: “When experiencing turbulence, the flight attendant came over the speaker and requested everyone to be seated with their seat belts fastened.

My husband is afraid of flying and that announcement was terrifying, even for someone who is not afraid to fly. There has to be some sort of protocol of verbage to use when the turbulance is getting bad, because to insinuate the plane could crash to get your point across is crossing the line.

I have been on planes where the turbulance is a lot worse and felt this was really out of line. Pros: “The plane was punctual, and the captain got us home in less time than we expected. Cons: “A couple degrees more of seat recline would not have bothered me from either end. I would not have felt intruded upon had the gentleman in front of me had another degree or two, and I might have been able to find a comfortable napping position that didn’t leave me uncomfortable.

While we didn’t pay for the in-flight entertainment, we know the entertainment is exceptional, and were only disappointed we were pinching pennies. Boarding was pleasant enough in Newark, but Orlando is a terrible airport, and people there seem very ill-mannered. Not United staff, just people in general.

Pros: “The crew was very friendly and helpful, food was ok. There’s suppose to be an option with mobile devices but when you make the ticket purchase it only says that entertainment is included in longflights and it is not. I paid for the entertrainment system but you have only some options and the movies start according to their own schedule so you can’t really pick what you want to watch. And the directv remotes are not set in a good place, the are in the arm rest, so everytime the person next to you moves the wrong way they change your channel or turn the volume down or something else.

For such an expensive and long flight the tiny space between chairs and entertainment lack is unacceptable. Pros: “Getting back home and not having to be afraid that United would lose my bags again.

Worst vacation ever. Pros: “On time boarding”. At least 6 overhead bins were locked, which lead to decrease overhead carry on space. Flight crew and passengers had to hastily reshuffle overhead luggage causing inefficient boarding process and confusion during unboarding process.

Baggage claim went to a different carousel than the one stated. Cons: “We’re all aware of the national “glitch” the delayed flights a couple of hours. While our plane was available for an on-time departure UA , the crew was inbound on one of the delayed flights UA United could have known as early as pm that wasn’t going to make it on time to turn around the crew and would hold up as a result.

Instead United didn’t update passengers of until 20 minutes after it was obvious that it was delayed and 4. Maybe I’m missing something, would love for someone at United to explain it. Pros: “The seats were very comfortable – there was ample leg room. The attendant that was handing out drinks and snacks was very nice.

Cons: “Flight was delayed, which I suppose wasn’t the worst thing. I’ve had nicer attendants. Many people had to check bags due to there not being ample room in the overhead compartments, however when I was walking to my seat I couldn’t help but notice that many people had stored their purses, backpacks, and jackets in the overhead compartments. Many people in the front didn’t have anything at their feet which could have saved at least some people the hassel of having to check their bags when they hadn’t planned on checking any at all.

When I offered this idea to the flight attendant to see if he couldnt possibly make an announcement or if he could ask if anyone could move their stuff he simple answered “Well you know what? No one cares. Cons: “We have been members of Star Alliance for over 20 years with millions of miles in the book, and though I have avoid flying with the US companies of the Alliance, we too United round trip to Miami via Fort Lauderdale, flying down I was surprised that with the short flight the in flight entertainment was not free?

We paid extra for extra leg room and exit seats, though what was left was given away free, which felt a bit unfair for those who paid in advance extra? Most traumatic was on the return trip, at the gate as we were removed from our prepaid seats, due to the fact that the ground crew checking us in asked us abruptly weather we could assist in the case of emergency, I replied, “Yes”, but my partner was confused and did not understood the question nor the context as to what or why she was being asked!

As I tried to explained that she was German and that the question had confused her and didn’t primped reply, the crew stope us from boarding the flight, and demanded that our seats be changed for someone who could understand English!

We explained that we both understood and spoke English perfectly well But no one was going to reason with us and quickly removed us from our seats and had us put into the back sectioned which was without extralegal room and proceeded to give our seat out to another couple who volunteered Without charging extra It was appalling their behavior and unreasonable gestures towards their customers and at that a Gold member of the Alliance.

We will no longer book flights with United no matter what comes, even if we have to fly around the world to get there pay triple etc. It felt a hint of racism and with the state of things, I do hope others take heed in consideration of flying with this airline.

Thank you”. Pros: “Boarding went well. Lots of empty seats, so i had the whole row to myself. Cons: “There was nearly a 3-hour delay because the plane was late arriving from Newark. Take-off was very bumpy;plane dropped and shuddered for a minute or so Considering the small number of passengers, the flight attendants didn’t spread their time around any more.

Just before the end of the flight, a crew member came offered a glass of water. It tasted so bad that I had to bring it to the back and dump it. The lfight attendant wouldn;t take it’ he told me to wait for the next member with a trash bag. Pros: “Had the ability to connect in my phone to the app for free in-flight entertainment.

Other United flights will have the TV in the headrest but charge you for wifi or to watch TV or movies. Cons: “Our flight got delayed 3 hours which I understand happens but they boarded group 1 individually, group 2 individually, then combined groups 3, 4, and 5 in the same line. I was in group 3 but was stuck behind people in other groups. Also, they ran out of room in the overhead storage which is frustrating when you’re flight is already pushed out to a later time – the last thing I want to do at am is wait for my luggage because it had to be checked.


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Pros: “It was the worst trip I have ever taken. My iPhone 7 has a larger and better quality screen. Pros: “it was an ok flight, flight attendants were nice and attentive”. Domestic travel is not restricted, but some conditions may apply Face masks are recommended There is a social distancing requirement of 2 metres Observe COVID safety rules.


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Direct flights only Include hotels. Good to know. Flight from Hartford Bradley Intl to Newark. JetBlue Overall score based on reviews. Airline reviews. Pros: “The crew members were to patience with everyone and making sure everyone have a comfortable flight.

Pros: “Nice”. Cons: “Maybe Food? Cons: “Todo fue Exelente Pros: “The crew was very nice. Cons: “The passenger sitting next to me took up half my seat and I was not offered a seat change. Pros: “The movies on plane”. Cons: “Everything else- the flight was delayed 6 hours to my trip and 3 hours from my trip.

Pros: “More room seats”. Cons: “Boarding process”. Pros: “Atenciones”. Cons: “El servicio de tv falla con frecuencia”. Pros: “Everything good”. Cons: “Too Many delayes”. Pros: “The crew”. Cons: “The delays are too big”. Cons: “Need more space”.

Pros: “Everything was organized”. Cons: “Double verification at JFK due to booking via agent. They stopped the travelers for dou le verification which they have verified all the douments double time”. Pros: “Everything except not much to eat”.

Cons: “Our flight out of Atlanta was delayed twice, and eventually cancelled due to mechanical problems – this caused us to miss our connecting flight from JFK to TLV.

We are presently in Boston. Cons: перейти food can be better. No USB. Cons: “Flight was delayed. Told us when we got there. This is the first flight of the day. Cons: “On time,Effeciant,and fast. Pros: “I like the full foot room in the aisle seats, unlike some other airlines. I like boarding through front and rear doors at Burbank, wish all ссылка на подробности could do it.

I like having internet. I like that the connecticut to new york flight left reasonably on time and landed without too much delay. Cons: “The cabin was too warm, even when I stripped to a tee-shirt. The seats were too narrow, the middle seat passenger took both arm rests and I could not access media controls easily. Connecticut to new york flight the seat in front of me reclines, there is not enough room to use a lap top fully open.

Serve drinks first. Cons: “Jetblue the best”. Pros: “Snacks. Cons: connecticut to new york flight many movie options. Delayed flight”. Cons: “30 min delay”. Pros: “Everything”. Cons: “Delayed”. Pros: “Not much other than an easy boarding. I could of flown whatever airline if I wanted to be uncomfortable for a 5 hour flight. What a connecticut to new york flight. Very unhappy and I fly JetBlue often. Cons: “My first flight was delayed an hour due to pilot error we left the gate on time, but sat on the tarmac for an hour.

This caused me to miss my connecting flight, which stranded me at JFK because they only had one flight per day to my destination. JetBlue’s customer service told me I could not reach my destination until the next day, which was unacceptable I had a morning interview.

It was still a very poor connecticut to new york flight with customer service. Pros: “Smooth, great service, free wi fi that really works and lots of free snacks and water which nowadays may seem like a real perk. Cons: “Everything was great! Pros: “We got in ahead of schedule. Cons: “The staff seemed tired and overworked. I connecticut to new york flight hit in the head by a flight attendant with the snack tray. An accident but still.

That was ridiculous. Then after the long walk to baggage, luggage connecticut to new york flight still not there. Again we waited. Too much waiting after a long взято отсюда. Usually I have great flights with JetBlue. Last night was not the case. You get a C. Pros: “Plane was on time, clean and we arrived in NY early. Pros: “Extra space seats. The crew. The food. The landing! Pre-board bag check at gate – asking for volunteers. Cons: “The cabin temp was too cold.

The /6148.txt was awful. Pros: connecticut to new york flight aircraft was clean and узнать больше and everything went official”. Cons: “The film did not work”. Pros: “Entertainment was great! Great selection of movies! Cons: “The earbuds are terrible, I personally don’t do well with that style – i would do research to see what the most universal type head phones are used because these were the worst.

Also the control to my entertainment was on the right side, where the middle person kept changing my channels and volume. I would have liked for it to be on maybe the left side where no one else could touch it.

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