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Whats the population of columbia south carolina
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Whats the population of columbia south carolina. Columbia, South Carolina Metro Area Population 1950-2022

To meet demand of businesses, the city constructed The Tower at Gervais in Columbia, SC is home to a population of k people, from which The median age in Columbia is Beyond the fall line, the river is unnavigable for boats sailing upstream. Reception may vary by location and some stations may only be viewable with cable television. The actual inhabited area for the city is slightly more than 50 square miles km 2. Augusta-Richmond County.


Whats the population of columbia south carolina. People in Columbia, South Carolina


The ages, races, and population density of South Carolina tell a story. Understand the shifts in demographic trends with these charts visualizing decades of population data. But how the Census Bureau reported and grouped those populations changed over time. To provide the most detail across all available data, USAFacts combined the census data on race and ethnicity into three groupings.

These were the only categories included before for the available data. For population by age, USAFacts grouped people ages 0—4 in different ways depending on the census. Every decade, the Bureau reconciles these estimates and releases final data. The most recent county-level data available by age, race, sex, and ethnicity are the Vintage Population Estimates census.

We will update this experience, including the estimates, when the Bureau releases county-level — intercensal estimates by age, sex, race, and ethnicity. The estimate years differ from the base decennial census; underestimates will be resolved in when the Census Bureau releases its intercensal estimates. Data Updated July South Carolina. Year How has the population changed in South Carolina? Census Bureau. Share This. How many people live in South Carolina?

Population in South Carolina. How has South Carolina’s population changed over the years? Annual population change in South Carolina. How has South Carolina’s racial and ethnic populations changed? Population by race and ethnicity in South Carolina. Hide Hispanic ethnicity. How has the racial and ethnic makeup of South Carolina changed? Racial makeup of South Carolina Hide Hispanic ethnicity.

How old is the population in South Carolina? Population by age in South Carolina. How has the distribution of ages in South Carolina changed? Age makeup of South Carolina Include Hispanic ethnicity.

How have the age and sex demographics of South Carolina changed? Total population in What’s the size of the US population and how has it changed? Data delivered to your inbox. Keep up with the latest data and most popular content.


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