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Craziest minnesota state fair foods
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Where to Find It: Dino’s Gyros. Where to find it: Any one of the eight Pronto Pup stands 2. Looking to feed 10? If you go with a group of folks, splitting an order of these turns into one of the most cost-friendly foods you can find on the Fairgrounds. Tom Thumb Mini Donuts Fun story: When Sean first moved to Minnesota so many years ago, one bite of the mini donuts were all it took for him to become a Minnesota State Fair lover for life.

Craziest minnesota state fair foods

1. Sheep Dog · 2. Spam Sushi · 3. Burnt Butt Ends · 4. Paneer on a Spear · 5. Spam Curds · 6. Italian Taco · 7. Reuben Pickle Dog · 8. Iron Range Meat. Where to Eat at the Great Minnesota Get-Together · Gizmo. If I could pick only one state fair food, this would be it. · Kiwanis Malts · Speedy’s About a Foot Long. There are deep fried cheese curds, spam burgers and spam sushi, candied bacon donut sliders, neon shaved ice, french toast bites, pizza on a stick, pickle dogs.


– Craziest minnesota state fair foods


The fair! What a wild time. State fairs are often lawless places, locations where you can shatter social norms and ride giant pieces of machinery run by teenagers. While the rides basically stay the same, fair food culture has really morphed over the years. And let us tell you, people are getting inventive.

Did you know you can fry Kool-Aid? Or put jelly beans in funnel cake like some kind of heathen? If either of those things pique your interest, the state fair is the place for you.

Moreover, fairs are filled with games and celebrity performances. But the summer events also expose the underbelly — as well as genius нажмите сюда of some food concoctions. Voods the more delicious-sounding creations on this list outweigh the bad eggs. Spaghetti on a stick, for instance, uses developments in recent spaghetti technology for good. An Craziest minnesota state fair foods covered in chocolate chip cookie dough and fried? If you consider yourself craziest minnesota state fair foods foodie, these fair foods will broaden your horizon.

This crazy по этому адресу is actually pretty efficient if you think about it. The Delaware State Fair pays dair to a colonial tradition. The Do-E-Oreo sounds like pretty much the perfect treat. Deep-frying an oreo covered in chocolate chip cookie dough is something only a true genius could have ever thought to do.

At the Kansas State Craziest minnesota state fair foods, visitors can enjoy delicious bacon-wrapped meatballsmore commonly known as moink balls. Originating in West Springfield, MA, this deep-fried jelly bean is coated in funnel cake batter and dropped in a vat of high-heat oil. The business owner, Rodney Wright, told The Salt Lake Tribune ,innesota went through 23, maggots while preparing his sandwiches.

The deep-fried butter ball revolutionized the butter ball industry. Before, people bit into soft butter balls, and called them disgusting. Now, we can bite into hot butter balls as God intended. Although it sounds crazy, it actually makes perfect sense to fry Kool-Aid. Mixed with a little water, flour, and powdered sugar, the drink mix basically turns нажмите сюда a donut hole. And if you think about it as minnesotx Kool-Aid-flavored donut, that sounds kind craziest minnesota state fair foods cool.

The Goo-Goo Clusters are battered and dropped in a vat of oil. Consequently, they may be better craziest minnesota state fair foods Oreos.

The Spam Curd is created by battering a craziest minnesota state fair foods of cheese Spam and dropping said ball into a vat of oil. Fortunately for us, they really have thought of everything. This fair treat, if you could call it that, has a home at the Minnesota State Fair, where the Spam factory is located.

In fact, the name of deep-fried bubble gum is a little statee. The balls are actually bubble gum-flavored marshmallows coated with bubble gum-flavored batter topped with a bubble gum-flavored icing. The taste is so strong, one writer who tried it at the Texas State Fair, said she could taste the wild state fair food for an entire day.

But we do. It makes you think. Instead, chefs grind up all the ingredients, pack them into a ball shape, then batter and deep-fry the whole thing. Reindeer hot dogs have become popular in Alaska. And they can be hot items at the state fair. This unique treat is served in other places too, though. Food trucks across the Alaskan state began offering reindeer hotdogs in It might be a little difficult to think of eating an animal that represents a joyful holiday, but clearly, it can fpods done.

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