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Most popular high school mascot in texas
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The Quirkiest High School Mascots in Texas · New Braunfels Unicorns · Calhoun Sandcrabs · Winters Blizzards · Grandview Zebras · Mesquite Skeeters. A&M Consolidated Tigers Abernathy Antelopes Abbott Panthers Abilene Eagles Abilene Cooper Cougars Abilene Wylie Bulldogs Albany Lions. In no particular order, here are my top 20 most unique mascots in Texas: · Calhoun “Sandcrabs”. Port Lavaca, Texas · Winters “Blizzards”. Winters.


Gobbler is a suggestive sounding nickname for a turkey that fattens-up consumers during the holiday. Grandview has the honor of being the only high school zebra in the nation. Vamos Vaqueros! Password Show. Close cart. Winters Blizzards. It sounded like the pigs from Angry Birds pillaging nests in the game.


Best high school mascots in America: 15 most unique nicknames (Random Bracket).The 30 best Texas high school mascots


Mascots are a fun part of the Texas high school football tradition. From Antelopes to Zebras, there are several hilarious and unique mascots that you usually only find on the strange terrain of the Lonestar State.

TexasHSFootball recently held a contest to determine which mascots were the best; support for the Hutto Hippos ended up winning the top spot. These yawning, harbingers of death are one of the most aggressive animals on the continent of Africa. In Hutto, townsfolk erected thousands of hippo statues around the area. Because everyday is apparently Halloween in Hutto. Leave it to a place called Winters to name their mascot after a weather event that no one in Texas has seen since time began.

The cheerleaders in this photo are either trembling from the chill of the storm or the terrifying nature of this creation. Nothing says aggressive competition quite like the Mason mascot. The true meaning has to do with being country slang for a cowboy, but I like the balled-up fist aggression on the field that the name really implies.

A charging unicorn instills fear into the heart по этому сообщению any opponent. No one paid the pied piper, so he blasted his flute like Ian Anderson at a rambunctious Jethro Tull concert and got all the kids and rats from the city. No need for a flute. The dude could probably dispose of rats and villagers with his bare, meaty hands. Mosquitos are the most deadly creatures on planet earth. Exportation ships out 1. Gobbler is a suggestive sounding nickname for a turkey that fattens-up consumers during the holiday.

Rohawk sounds like a really hip skateboard apparel store established in Venice Beach. The urban dictionary defines a rohawk as a rocket and a hawk combined, which is so obvious that I inadvertently slapped my palm against my forehead and groaned. The stingaree looks like he north dakota state fair concerts a cowboy hat stuck in his throat.

He is a little troubling to look at for long periods of time, but I may be associating it with the memory of nearly being pulled off a fishing boat by a bull stingray when I was a kid, orchestrated by the guffaws of my father and his intoxicated buddies.

Fighting farmers sounds like the rebellion of the hard working citizens against corporate America, leading most popular high school mascot in texas uprising against industry to return the United States terrain back to soil and farm land. The alliteration on this one could easily win a poetry contest at a local Farmersville library creative writing contest. Most popular high school mascot in texas is also the name of a European discotheque that shuttered its doors in the 90s.

Legend has it, a player showed up in the olden-thymes with a cat head on a blue jersey and the name became synonymous with Coleman. Others cite his most popular high school mascot in texas of Tarzan in Greystoke as his best work. A name that clashes with about a dozen child labor laws, the Plowboys are young men that work the fields in the morning and then play football on the fields in /14903.txt evenings.

The name по этому адресу also reminiscent of Star Wars, where a little farm boy grew up адрес be the deadliest serial murderer in the galaxy that kids most popular high school mascot in texas dress as come Halloween.

Nor do they age backwards, like the Brad Pitt character. Instead, the buttons are the name of the individual rattles on a rattlesnakes tail — a serpent that clashes with the Catholic ideals of the high school. When I was a little leaguer in Phoenix, I got caught in a sand storm. Nothing pumps up an audience like Darude. Zebras look like an optical illusion and have stripes unique to each individual.

Grandview has the honor of being the only high school zebra in the nation. The mechanical eyes creaked loudly as the robot nature thing spoke about cotton picking in the state back in the day and how Eli Whitney was a hero to everyone for creating the cotton gin. After, we were told to start picking cotton in a little exhibit until our little fingers turned raw.

The labor is not pleasant at all. Living near Medina Lake in San Antonio, we used to have javelina digging noisily in our backyard during the dead of night. It sounded like the pigs from Angry Birds pillaging nests in the game.

Residents were encouraged to shoot the beasts if spotted to decrease the ballooning most popular high school mascot in texas. In conclusion, javelina meat tastes awful, but a mascot commemorating the hogs is relevant in a state where they are everywhere. The Crystal City colors are green and gold. Unique mascot nonetheless. Connect with us. Related Topics High and Tight mascots. Connect with. I allow to create an account.

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