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Terms of sale We sell kittens Maine Coon kittens as pets only. All kittens are fully vaccinated and free from worms at time of sale. Kittens are not. Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult Royal Canin Maine Coon Adult is tailor made to suit the unique nutritional needs of your adult Maine Coon cat.

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We are more than happy to do a videocall with you. We set up Maine Coons MK in to provide an incredible experience for animals and owners. Fun, Fur and Frolics. Boba came to us from Moscow as a kitten.

She is a beautiful red smoke and has grown to be a very large female with an extremely fluffy mane! Cersie is the sweetest cat we have ever come across. Her warmth and love spread out through our entire house. New York. Fulton County. Reference Links:.

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In tribute to those who gave their all for all of us. National D-Day Memorial. Dedicated on June 6th, by president George W. They are 14weeks and ready for there new homes. They are wormed and flead to date. They are litter trained. We have one girl and one boy left. They are really loving kittens. They follow you everywhere with an amazing loud purr. Talks with a chirp. Love being picked up. Loves human attention and cannot get enough.

They are used to children and pets brought up in a loving smoke-free environment and part of our family. It saddens me that I cannot keep them all. So I have decided the best I can do for them is to find them a loving perfect home just like mine. So they can continue to have the love joy and happiness that they deserve! They indeed have fantastic personalities.

Please note if you cannot give them a lot of attention do not respond to this add as my kittens are very needy of love. They grow for about years. Please can you tell me a bit about yourself. My babies have been spoilt and I have not compromised in bringing them up in anyway.


– RC Maine Coon Adult – 10kg

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Vietnam cat cafe offers purr-fect pick-me-up for rescued felines | Tuoi Tre News – 17 Facts About the Maine Coon’s Friendly Personality


Home » Characteristics. It also has a great personality that is just as attractive to prospective cat owners. Of course, these cats are most friendly and loving to their owners. But provided you introduce them correctly, your friends and visitors will probably also get an exuberant welcome from your Maine Coon cat. Looking for a cat that might play fetch? Think about getting a Maine Coon. A Maine Coon is more likely than most other cats to approach guests in your home instead of running away and hiding under furniture.

Like dogs, Maine Coons also enjoy spending more time around their humans. It is much sweeter and friendlier than most smaller cats. Maine Coons are so friendly and tolerant of humans that many of them will walk on a leash if you train them. A harness is the only appropriate solution. Yes, most cats love to play, but Maine Coons take it to a whole other level!

Their size is another vital component. As a larger cat, this feline needs more physical exercise and mental stimulation. They also love playtime because of their friendly and affectionate dispositions.

Playtime with their human companion is also an opportunity to bond. Most Maine Coons are affectionate and enjoy being petted and stroked. This is a big surprise for cat owners used to more aloof breeds. Maine Coons go way beyond just friendly. This breed has a protective instinct and wants to take care of you. Of course, the main reason for this is affection. Another is the fact that your cat has a territorial instinct.

You belong to them, and they want to take care of you. Compared to most other feline friends, Maine Coons are pretty easy to wash. If you bring your cat to a professional for grooming, the groomer will probably find your cat much friendlier than other breeds.

Your Maine Coon might follow you from room to room. If you want a cat that might be able to learn a little trick or two, the Maine Coon may be right for you. The Maine Coon is a big talker! This is yet another aspect of its friendly nature. Maine Coons make adorable trilling noises as well as meows. They constantly communicate with their humans, which is a charming feature of their personality and shows their friendly disposition.

If you have a toddler, you should stay away from getting any kind of kitten. As with any other kind of cat, you should supervise your child with your new cat until you see how they get along. Teach your children to be gentle and respectful with your new Maine Coon.

Of course, be cautious when you introduce a dog and a cat. Always supervise their interactions. Maine Coons get more excited than other cats about seeing their human companions. They may even come to the door when you get home at the end of a long day.

As the Maine Coon is so sociable, you should try not to leave it alone for too long. As a friendly and loving creature, this cat breed needs a lot of affection. Trying to read a book? Your Maine Coon will probably want to sit on it. Or maybe on your chest, so you pay attention to your furry friend, not your reading material! So, there you have it! Maine Coons are seriously friendly felines. Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar menu icon. Do Maine Coons Like to be Held?

Usually, Yes! This Feline Enjoys Talking Maine Coons are Laidback and Relaxed This Breed is Good with Kids This Feline Loves Affection and Pets Yes, Maine Coons are friendly.

This is especially true when you compare them to most other cats. Your Maine Coon May Like Walking on a Leash Maine Coons are so friendly and tolerant of humans that many of them will walk on a leash if you train them. Set aside lots of time every day for spending time with your feline friend. Final Thoughts So, there you have it! Click to rate this post!

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