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Outer banks have alligators
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Yes, there are alligators in the Outer Banks. Alligators are shy, so it’s not likely that you’ll see one in your rental neighborhood. While the American alligator can be found in the Outer Banks and other areas in North Carolina, crocodiles are not typically present. Alligators and crocodiles.


Outer banks have alligators. Outer Banks Wildlife: The Most Popular Animals to See


Males, on average, tend to be larger than females. It is not uncommon for alligators to weigh up to five hundred pounds or more. The main threat towards alligators is humans. Humans are mainly responsible for their habitat destruction and hunting them.

People have also been known to illegally keep alligators and other reptiles in their homes. This is very dangerous because they release them when they get too big to handle, are no longer cute, or become ill. Alligators in the wild will only attack humans when provoked, cornered, or startled.

A recent attack in Florida ended with a swimmer being bitten by an alligator and dragged into the water. However, it is very rare for aggression to happen so freely. In conclusion, alligators on the Outer Banks are not native to this area and will only be seen if they have escaped from a nearby wildlife refuge. While the Outer Banks may provide a suitable habitat for alligators, they prefer the waterways of eastern North Carolina.

They are an uncommon sight, but they are occasionally seen by people who live on the water. Regardless of where you are, if you see an alligator, do not approach it or feed it. When fully mature, alligators can grow very large and weigh more than half a ton. They also have powerful jaws, which they use to grab and drown their prey.

There have been alligator attacks noted in Outer Banks. Alligators are native to the North Carolina region, just not the specific areas of the Outer Banks. While there have been sightings, attacks near or on the Outer Banks are rare.

Alligator attacks in Outer Banks are rare and usually only occur when someone is feeding them. If you see an alligator, do not approach it. They are wild animals that can be dangerous if they feel threatened or provoked. While only moderately sized alligators have been sighted on the Outer Banks, a giant alligator was recorded in Lake Mattamuskeet.

This monster was 17 feet long! It took three men to carry it back to their truck because it weighed over 1, pounds. This has been recorded as the biggest alligator ever found in North Carolina. The first recorded alligator attack was near Rodanthe on Hatteras Island, which occurred in The victim was a year-old boy who was swimming with his dog.

They were both attacked by an enormous alligator. The boy was killed and eaten by the gator, but his dog managed to swim back to shore. Here are some of the most popular animals to see in the Outer Banks:. Watch for sandy mounds on the beach, especially near the dunes. Dolphins can pop up anywhere in the water — in the calm waters of the sound or inlet, to the choppy waves near the beach or offshore. Watch for dolphin from the beach or pier, or take a special dolphin-watching boat ride to maximize your chances of seeing these slippery critters.

These horses are believed to be descendants of Spanish horses that swam ashore after shipwrecks hundreds of years ago. Banker ponies are protected, and they have the run of the place. Outer Banks wild boar are big, and they have long tusks and bad attitudes. Hares are much larger than rabbits, with long back legs and ears.

They are common on Roanoke Island, where you may see dozens upon dozens at twilight. Many folks driving into the Outer Banks are surprised to see a black bear standing alongside, or crossing, the road. Black bears are frequently seen in the islands, especially in Currituck and around the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge. Once thought to be virtually extinct, red wolves have made a comeback in recent years.

Spot these magnificent creatures around the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge, or keep an ear out for their haunting songs at night. Once prized for their pelts, these water mammals disappeared from the area until the late s. Today they are more common and may be seen at dusk or dawn along streams and creeks. However, every so often one of these short-tailed felines decides to take a beach break and surprise everyone. Bobcats are about twice the size of a domestic cat and are most often seen at dawn or dusk.


Outer banks have alligators

Yes, there are alligators in the Outer Banks. Alligators inhabit areas north of the refuge and in some of our waterways. You can see alligators in the Alligator River, Milltail Creek, Sawyer . Are alligators in the Outer Banks? Banks is still home to the American Alligator. Alligators can be found in some of the waterways north of the refuge. Alligators can be seen in the Alligator . Oct 14,  · The American alligator, found in the southeastern US, may be found in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Alligators are timid animals who prefer to spend their time in the .

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