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Top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina
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No partner can guarantee placement or favorable reviews on AdvisorSmith. This study was conducted by dividing cities in North Carolina into three buckets based on top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina size. Cities with over 50, residents were considered large cities, while cities with between caroina, and 50, residents were considered midsize cities.

Cities with under 10, residents were considered small cities. In total, there were North Carolina cities included in our analysis, with small cities, 57 midsize cities, and 17 large cities. There were 17 large cities in North Carolina in our /4557.txt with populations over 50, The average crime score in large North Carolina cities was 74, and the crime scores ranged from 18 up to Cary was the safest city in the state and is located in The Triangle region of the state to the west of Raleigh.

Cary has a population of approximatelyresidents and is a rapidly growing city in the state. Cary is home to numerous companies, including SAS Institute and other technology companies. Winston-Salem, located near the norhh of the state, had the highest crime score among large cities in the state. The city to; a result of the ttop of the satest of Winston top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina Salem in Wake Forest University is also located in the city.

The safest midsize city in North Carolina was Cornelius. This city is located north of the Charlotte metropolitan area on the east shore of Lake Norman. Cornelius boasts 10 public parks, retail and office buildings, and a championship golf course. Among midsize cities with populations between 10, and 50, residents in North Carolina, the average crime score was 67, with the range being between 3 and We included a total of 57 midsize cities morth our report.

Small cities are those with under 10, residents, and we studied small cities carolnia the state. The average crime score in these cities was 72, with a range from 8 up to The safest small city in North Carolina was Trent Woods, a town of about 4, residents located on the north bank of Trent River and a part of the New Bern metropolitan area. The town is a bedroom community that is largely suburban safeest character. This data set collects data from cities and law enforcement agencies ciies the country on violent and property crimes, including rape, murder, assault, robbery, larceny, motor vehicle theft, and burglary.

We studied the crime data from cities in the state of North Carolina to determine the safest cities in the state. Cities with less than 10, residents were considered small cities, while cities with between 10, and 50, residents were considered midsize cities.

Large cities were those with populations of 50, or higher. This study excluded cities that reported less than two months of crime data to top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina FBI to avoid outlier results from skewing the data. We calculated a crime score for each city by applying a multiplier to more serious crimes such as rape, robbery, murder, and assault. We then added the multiple-weighted crimes together and adjusted the score to nlrth the population in each city citiies order to determine a crime score for each city.

We then ranked each city within its population cohort to determine the safest small, midsize, and large cities in the state of North Carolina. Safest Cities in North Carolina. Adrian Mak. March 19, March 19, AdvisorSmith Solutions, Inc.

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Top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina –


After adding aboutresidents between the and Census reportsNorth Carolina officially passed 10 million in population for the first time. Still, many people may be interested in relocating from other states to North Carolina, while those who already live in the state may be in the market for a change of scenery.

/18844.txt violent crimes tend to get the publicity for understandable reasons, property crime is far more common, and the average person is much more likely to be victimized by theft than by assault.

Want to learn more about our ih Click here. Like most states, North Carolina has seen property crime become less common over the past 10 years. In fact, only two states Alaska and North Dakota saw property crime rates rise. Additionally, the decline in North Carolina 32 percent is slightly higher than the average decline for all states where the rate dropped 27 percent.

What incidents fall under the umbrella of property crime? Burglary, по этой ссылке, motor vehicle theft, and arson are the four major property crime categories reported by the FBI.

In every case, if the incident involves violence or threats of violence, it no longer is a property crime and is classified as a violent crime.

What factors contribute to higher carolia lower property crime top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina So, how does North Carolina stack up in those areas?

Of course, examining state-level statistics only tells part of the story because crime, in addition to being complex, is intensely local. Property crime rates vary dramatically across the state, which means towns like Southern Shores have exponentially lower crime по этой ссылке about six incidents per 1, people than others with high rates, like Bald Head Island, with the second-highest rate in the state per 1, Home » North Carolina.

Property Crime in North Carolina. You have a вот ссылка. Indian Beach has the highest property crime rate in North Carolina Indian Beach is a largely tourist community with just over permanent residents. The tiny resident population and large tourist volume are the biggest reasons why the community has a high property crime rate, top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina a total of 21 incidents contributing to its rate.

Larceny occurred more than any ccarolina property crime at a rate of Average property crime rate by category Average burglary rate: 8 crimes per 1, people Average larceny rate: Texas high school volleyball rankings 2021 6a fell by morth percent, the highest rate of decline.


Top 25 safest cities in north carolina – top 25 safest cities in north carolina –

Oct 01,  · Violent Crime Rate: per , residents. Nonviolent Crime Rate: 2, per , residents. Coming in at number 10 on our list, Kannapolis is a city in North Carolina . Jul 21,  · 1 The 10 Safest Cities in North Carolina: A Quick Look. 1. Pinehurst, NC; 2. Concord, NC; 3. Holly Springs, NC; 4. Davidson, NC; 5. Cary, NC; 6. . Sep 20,  · When it comes to safety, the Cary, NC crime rate data shows that it is the safest town with a population of over , in the state. Crime stats for show that there were .

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