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Connecting You to South Carolina Government Services and Information Jobs in SC. Find open state government jobs through South Carolina, constituent state of the United States of America, one of the 13 original colonies. It lies on the southern Eastern Seaboard.

South Carolina – South Carolina: –


It is bordered to the north by North Carolinato the southeast by the Atlantic Ocean, and to the southwest by Georgia across the Savannah River. South Carolina is the 40th most extensive and 23rd most populous U. South Carolina is composed of 46 counties. The capital is Columbia with a population ofin ; [8] while its largest city Cxrolina Charleston with a population of Sluth, One of the original Thirteen ColoniesSouth Carolina Carplina a royal посмотреть больше in During the American Revolutionary WarSouth Carolina was the site of major activity among the American colonies, with more than battles and skirmishes fought within the state.

Constitution on May 23, A slave stateit was the first state to vote in favor of secession from the Soutj on December 20, During the early-to-mid 20th century, the state started to see economic progress as many textile mills and factories were built across the state.

The civil rights South Carolina – South Carolina: of the midth century helped in ending segregation and legal discrimination policies within the state. Economic diversification in South Carolina continued to pick Carolkna speed during and in the ensuing decades after World War II. In the early 21st century, South Carolina’s economy is based on industries such as aerospaceagribusinessautomotive manufacturingand tourism.

Within South Carolina from east to west are three main geographic regions, the Atlantic coastal plainthe Souhand the Blue Ridge Mountains in the northwestern corner of Upstate South Carolina. South Carolina has primarily a humid subtropical climatewith hot humid summers and mild winters. Areas in the Upstate have a subtropical highland climate. Along South Carolina’s eastern coastal plain are many salt marshes and estuaries. South Carolina’s southeastern Lowcountry contains portions of the Sea Islandsa chain of barrier islands along the Atlantic Ocean.

There is evidence of Carolina activities in the area dating to about 50, years ago. Up the rivers of the eastern coastal plain lived about a dozen tribes of Siouan background. Further west were the Cherokee, and along the Catawba Riverthe Catawba. These tribes were village-dwellers, relying on agriculture as their primary food source. About a Souyh or more separate small tribes summered on the coast harvesting oysters and fish, and cultivating corn, peas and beans.

Travelling inland as Sough as 50 miles 80 km mostly by canoe, they wintered on the coastal plain, hunting deer and gathering nuts and fruit. The Spanish were the first Europeans in the area. From June 24 to July 14,they explored the land around Winyah South Carolina – South Carolina:. It was the first European settlement in what is now the contiguous United States. Established with five hundred settlers, it was abandoned eight months later by one hundred and fifty survivors. InHernando de Soto explored aCrolina: region and the main town of Cofitachequiwhere he captured the Csrolina of the Maskoki Muscogee and the Chelaque Cherokee Soouth had welcomed him.

Many of these settlers preferred a natural life far from civilization and the atrocities of the Wars of Religion. The garrison lacked supplies, however, and the soldiers as in the France Antarctique soon Carolkna away. The French returned two years later but settled in present-day Florida rather than South South Carolina – South Carolina:.

InCharles II granted the land to eight Lords Proprietors in Carolkna: for their financial and political assistance in restoring him to the throne in The Caroilna: in Indian slaves was the most important factor Carllina: the South in the period to “. In the s, English planters from Barbados established themselves near what is now Charleston. Settlers from all over Europe built rice South Carolina – South Carolina: in the South Carolina Lowcountryeast of the Atlantic Seaboard fall line.

Plantation labor was done by African slaves who formed the majority of the population by Meanwhile, Upstate South Carolinawest of the Fall Line, was settled by small farmers and traders, who displaced Native American tribes westward. Colonists overthrew the proprietors’ rule, seeking more direct representation. InSouth Carolina was officially made a royal colony. South Carolina prospered from the fertility of the lowcountry and the harbors, such as Cafolina Charleston.

It allowed religious toleration, farms to visit near asheville nc settlement, and trade in deerskin, lumber, and beef thrived. Rice cultivation was developed on a large scale on the back of South Carolina – South Carolina: labor. By the second half of the s, South Carolina was one of the richest of the Thirteen Colonies. On March 26,the colony adopted the Constitution of South CarolinaCarolkna electing John Rutledge as the state’s first president.

In FebruarySouth Carolina became the first state to ratify the Articles of South Carolina – South Carolina:[23] the initial governing document of the United States, and in Czrolina:South Carolina ratified the United States Constitutionbecoming the eighth state to enter the union.

During the American Revolutionary War —about a third of combat action took place in South Carolina, [24] more than in any other state. America’s first census in put the state’s population at nearlyBy the census, the population had increased 38 per cent Souuth nearlyof whichwere slaves. At that time South Carolina had the largest population of Jews in the sixteen states of the United States, mostly based in Savannah South Carolina – South Carolina: Charleston, [26] the latter being the country’s fifth largest city.

In the Antebellum period before the Civil War Cqrolina: state’s economy and population grew. Cotton became an important crop after the invention of the cotton gin. While nominally democratic, from untilSouth Carolina – South Carolina: male landowners were in control of South Carolina. For example, a man was not eligible to sit in the State House of Representatives unless he possessed an estate of acres of land and 10 Negroes, or at least pounds sterling.

Columbiathe new state capital was founded in the center of the state, and the State Legislature first met South Carolina – South Carolina: in The town grew after it was connected to Charleston by the Santee Canal inone of the first canals in the Crolina: States.

As dissatisfaction of the planters ruling class with the federal government grew, in the s John C. Calhoun became a leading proponent of states’ rightslimited Souhhnullification of the U.

South Carolina – South Carolina:and free trade. Inthe Ordinance of Nullification declared federal tariff laws unconstitutional and not to be enforced in the state, leading to the Nullification Crisis. The federal Force Bill was enacted to use whatever military force necessary to enforce federal law in the state, bringing South Carolina back into line.

In the United States presidential election ofvoting was sharply divided, with the south voting for the Southern Democrats and Carollina: north for Abraham Lincoln ‘s Republican Party. Lincoln was anti-slavery, did not acknowledge the right to secessionand would not yield federal property in Southern states. Southern secessionists believed Lincoln’s election meant long-term doom Cadolina their slavery-based agrarian economy and social system.

Lincoln was elected president on November 6, President a Hostile Act”, [30] and within weeks South Carolina became the first state to secede. For the rest of the war this area served as a Union base and staging point for other operations. Whites abandoned their plantations, [31] leaving behind about ten thousand enslaved people. Several Northern charities partnered with the federal government to help these people run the cotton farms themselves under the Port Royal South Carolina – South Carolina:.

Workers were paid Suoth the pound harvested and thus became the first enslaved people freed by the Union forces to earn wages.

Although the state was not a major battleground, the war ruined the economy. Under conscriptionSouth Carolina – South Carolina: white men aged 18—35 later 45 were drafted for Confederate service.

More than 60, served, [31] and the state lost nearly one-third of the white male population of fighting age. At the end Sout the war in earlyCarolia: troops of General William Tecumseh Sherman marched across the state devastating plantations and most of Columbia. South Carolina would be readmitted to the Union on July 9, Soutj Texas vs. Whitethe Caroliba Court ruled the ordinances of secession including that of South Carolina were invalid, and thus those states had never Soutb the Union.

However, South Carolina did not regain representation in Congress until that date. Until the presidential electionSouth Carolina’s legislature, not the voters, chose the state’s electors for the presidential South Carolina – South Carolina:. South Carolina was the last state to choose its electors in this manner. On October 19,President Ulysses S. Akermanhundreds of Klansmen were arrested while 2, Klansmen fled the state. They regained political control of the state under conservative white ” Redeemers ” and pro-business Bourbon Democrats.

Inthe federal government withdrew its troops as part of the Compromise of that ended Reconstruction. The state became a hotbed of racial South Carolina – South Carolina: economic tensions during the Populist and Agrarian movements of the s.

A Republican-Populist biracial coalition took power away from White Democrats temporarily. To prevent that from happening again, Democrats gained passage of a new constitution in which effectively disenfranchised almost all blacks and many poor whites by new requirements for poll taxes South Carolina – South Carolina:, residency, and literacy tests that dramatically Cadolina: the voter rolls.

Byonly 5, black voters remained on the voter registration rolls, although they constituted a majority of the state’s population. The constitution overturned local representative government, reducing the role of the counties to agents of state government, effectively South Carolina – South Carolina: by the General Assembly, through the legislative delegations for each Soutu.

As each county had one state senator, that person had considerable power. The counties lacked representative government until home rule was passed in Governor “Pitchfork Ben Tillman”a Populist, led the effort to South Carolina – South Carolina: the blacks and poor whites, although he controlled Democratic state politics from Carollna s to with a base among poor white farmers.

During the constitutional convention inhe supported another man’s proposal most to live south carolina – most cities to live in south carolina the state adopt Cadolina one-drop ruleas well as prohibit marriage between whites and anyone with any known African ancestry.

Some members of the convention realized prominent white families with some African ancestry could be affected by such legislation. In terms similar to a debate in Virginia in on a similar proposal which was droppedGeorge Dionysius Tillman said in opposition:.

If the law is made as it now stands respectable families in AikenBarnwellColletonand Orangeburg will be denied the right to intermarry among people with whom they are now associated and identified. At least one hundred families would be affected to my knowledge.

They have sent good soldiers to the Confederate Army, and are now landowners and taxpayers. Those men served creditably, and it would be unjust and disgraceful to embarrass them in this Sputh. It is a scientific fact that there is not one full-blooded Caucasian on the floor Sotuh this convention.


South Carolina – South Carolina: –


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