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Was new jersey named after a british monarch
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I found this article regarding my Home State to be remarkably educational. Minnesota is one of them. Arizona: The State was rumoured to be named after the Basque “ariz onak”, meaning “good oak’ as the oak trees reminded the Basque settlers of their homeland. No specific agreements were reached, especially in the area of restrictions on anti-ballistic missile systems. He hoped to secure Hobart Gap , from which he could attack the American headquarters in Morristown.

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New Jersey is named after the Island of Jersey, denoted here by the red dot. Photo courtesy of Google Maps. Thus, the land was named the Province of New Jersey.

Sound familiar? Photo courtesy of Getty Images. As it turns out, the nickname is credited to Abraham Browning, an attorney, politician and farmer who first uttered the phrase on New Jersey Day at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia. Others believe one of our founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin, made a similar analogy. Robert Meyner found no official recognition of the nickname in reference to New Jersey. He would veto the bill, but the decision was later overrode by the legislature, and the slogan was added to the license plates.

No offense, other Jersey. He frequently writes about travel, entertainment and family, in addition to human-interest subjects. I found this article regarding my Home State to be remarkably educational. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the History.

I was born and raised in Hoboken always knew the Hudson River docks in Hoboken was at one time had alot of import and export.

I was taken in the same way—born and raised in Perth Amboy—never new or forgot the why of a lot of names. It was named after the same queen as the state it split from, though was originally going to be called Kanawha. Hawaii: Though no one is entirely sure where the name for Hawaii came from, it’s possibly from the name “Hawaiki”, that the native people gave it.

The word is a compound of “hawa” – “homeland”, and “ii” – “small, or active”. However others believe it’s after Hawaii Loa, the Polynesian who tradition says discovered the islands. Idaho: The state is believed to have been named after a derivation of the Shoshone Indian term, ee-da-how meaning ‘gem of the mountains, or the Apaceh word idaahe – enemy.

Kentucky: It’s thought the name comes from various words from the Iroquoian language group, meaning ‘prairie’ or ‘field’. Minnesota: This word derived from the Dakota tribe’s name for the Minnesota River, “mnisota”.

Mississippi: The French derivation of the Ojibwa word ‘messipi’ which means “big river. New Mexico: Along with the country it used to be part of, Mexico, it takes its name from Nahuatl word “mexihco”. The meaning of the word isn’t entirely agreed – It might reference Mextli, an alternate name for the god of war and patron of the Aztecs. Texas: The natives of eastern Texas originally called the area Teysha before the arrival of the Spanish.

Wisconsin: Derived from Meskousing, the name applied to the Wisconsin River by the Algonquian-speaking tribes in the region. May States Are Named After Royalty? James II. Encyclopedia Britannica. Georgetown DC. Categories : Lists of places in the United States. New Jersey was an important state during the Revolutionary War because of its location near the center of the thirteen colonies and between New York City and Philadelphia.

Because of this, more battles were fought in New Jersey than in any other state. The Americans and British fought battles, both large and small, here. Many people consider the Battle of Trenton to be the turning point of the Revolution.

Washington and his troops spent the rest of the winter in Morristown, and the United States was well on its way to victory. They thought no one would fight during winter, so the British and Hessian soldiers in New Jersey divided into camps to stay until spring.

Trenton was considered the most desirable post, and it went to the Hessian soldiers as a reward for their good service. The Hessians used the Old Barracks in Trenton as a headquarters. The British didn’t chase Washington across the Delaware River because it was full of blocks of ice that made it dangerous to cross. The Hessians didn’t patrol along the river because they thought Washington couldn’t cross back.

But in December, Washington and his men decided to cross. Washington’s men had to push away blocks of ice from the boat’s path while paddling hard to fight the strong current.

Once across, Washington decided to separate and surprise the Hessians in Trenton from two sides. The plan worked, and the patriots captured prisoners while only four American soldiers were wounded. In , New Jersey became the third state to ratify the U. Constitution and the first state to sign the Bill of Rights. In , Trenton officially became the state capital of New Jersey. William Livingston became New Jersey’s first state governor.

New Jersey grew and prospered during the early s. New factories sprung up throughout the state. Paterson became a textile center and later became known for producing trains and silk.


Was new jersey named after a british monarch –

May 31,  · New Jersey is named after an English island. Atlantic City is a popular city in New Jersey for its casinos. f11photo/Shutterstock New Jersey gets its name from the Island Missing: british monarch. Jul 13,  · So why is New Jersey named after Jersey? Well, When Charles II of England was exiled in Jersey, a man named Sir George Carteret, a royalist statesman in Jersey, often . Jan 20,  · What was New Jersey named after? New Jersey was named after the Island of Jersey, a British Crown Dependency with its own Parliamentary democracy with the Duke of .


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