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Who will play jane foster in thor love and thunder
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Natalie Portman in the teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder. Getty Images for Disney. Story continues. Marvel Studios. A still from the teaser for Thor: Love and Thunder.

Latest stories. PA Media: Movies. Yahoo Celebrity UK. Yahoo Movies UK. BANG Showbiz. Thor begs Jane to put down the hammer so that they can have more time together. Movie fans may be shocked by her death. But Marvel comics devotees were likely unsurprised by the plot twist.

The movie closely parallels a relatively recent storyline in which Jane Foster, fighting cancer, takes on the mantle of Thor and sacrifices her life. Jane Foster is a longtime fixture of the Thor comics. Originally Lee and Lieber wrote her as a nurse, though she eventually was made a doctor. What if a virus turned the Avengers into zombies? At one point in the comics, Thor Odinson the original Thor, the son of Odin was deemed no longer worthy of carrying the hammer.

We shot like 40 different things in a day Hemsworth concurred those sequences were among the most enjoyable to shoot. Sonaiya Kelley is a film reporter at the Los Angeles Times. The Bronx, N. All Sections. About Us. B2B Publishing. Thor: Love and Thunder will storm its way to theaters on July 8, You can follow her on Twitter fbrivera. Adam Bankhurst is a news writer for IGN.

You can follow him on Twitter AdamBankhurst and on Twitch. Thor: Love and Thunder. By Adam Bankhurst , Francesca Rivera. Posted: Jul 4, pm.

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– How Natalie Portman got into superhero shape in ‘Thor’ return – Los Angeles Times


Нажмите чтобы узнать больше : Let see who will play jane foster in thor love and thunder you are. I take off your disguise Korg : Ohh! Thor : You flicked too hard, damn it! Jane Foster : Should we help him?

Valkyrie : I mean, eventually. Minnesota timberwolves Foster : I’m not Lady Thor. My name is Mighty Thor! And if that’s still too /13144.txt for you, you can call me Dr. Jane Foster! Jane Foster : Not bad for a human. Thor : Not bad for a god.

Jane Foster : [says her catchphrase] Catchphrase! Thor : W-w-w-wait, is jaen your new catchphrase? Korg : I dunno. The word “catchphrase” actually sounds like a pretty cool catchphrase.

Janw : [narration] Let me tell you the legend of Thor and Jane. He was a God of Thunder and she, a woman of science. And although they were from different worlds, somehow, it just made sense.

And together they embarked on a journey of love. Korg : Thor taught Jane the way of the warrior. And Jane taught Thor the way of the people. And as time passed, their love grew deeper and deeper.

Thor : She’s incredible, anf she, Mjolnir? I need you to promise me you’ll always protect her. I love you too, buddy. По этому сообщению briefly glows]. Korg : [narration] And love that deep has a way of becoming magical. Korg : Thor set his sights toward a future and all it might thumder. But the more he pondered a life with Jane, the more he feared losing that life.

And although Jane didn’t want to admit it, she was scared of loss as well. Korg : And so, they built walls between them. Thor got busy saving humanity. And Jane got busy doing the same. Real busy. And eventually, the space between them grew and grew until it became too wide to bear. Something had to give. Jane Foster : I have to stay up all night to go through this data, okay? Thor : And I have to stay up all night and clean all of this up.

Jane Foster : There’s two plates! Thor : It’s two plates and two forks! Korg : [narration] And then, one night, it did give. Jane wrote a note. And Thor read that note. And their legend suddenly became myth. Or so they thought. Heimdall : Jane Foster. Jane Foster : Heimdall. Heimdall : I see you’re dead now. Jane Who will play jane foster in thor love and thunder : Yeah. Heimdall : Thank you for looking after my son. You are very welcome to the land of lkve gods. Welcome to Valhalla.

Jane Foster : -Quite a reunion, huh? Thor : -You’re telling me. Jane Foster : What’s it been? Like, three, four years? Thor : Eight years, seven months, and six days. Jane Foster : [raises eyebrows inquisitively]. Who will play jane foster in thor love and thunder : I haven’t forgotten Sign In. Thor: Love and Thunder Showing all items. Jump to: Photos Quotes 7.

Mjolnir briefly glows] Korg : [narration] And love that deep has a way of becoming magical. Jane Foster : [raises eyebrows inquisitively] Thor : I haven’t forgotten Create a list ». My Movies: Seen In Movies Watched in See all related lists ». Share this page:. Clear your history.


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